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Whether it’s a three-day weekend or a full week off, breaks during school are always needed and always celebrated. Breaks throughout the semester are great ways to regroup and relax, but getting back into a school routine can get pretty tough. Learning how to come back after a break and staying on top of things is important. While you should reward yourself and take a few days off, when it gets closer to class starting back up again, you should start getting in the right mindset.

Relax and reward yourself

Every break is a chance to release some of the stress from school and give yourself time to relax. Make sure to take the time you need to unwind and refresh. It could be staying in bed all day or spending the day shopping, do something that you have been wanting to do. Taking enough time off will actually have a huge impact on how productive you are when you get back.

Stay on top of your work

I know no one wants to have to deal with homework or readings when school is out, but some teachers do make things due over the break. Make sure you’re writing down or making mental notes of things that need to be done before you come back. Try getting them done all in one day. Once the assignments are out of the way that means there is more time to relax.

Prepare the night before

It can be hard to get out of that vacation mindset but preparing the night before classes will be a huge help. Whether it is doing a last-minute homework check or getting ahead in a class, thinking ahead is never a bad thing. It could be helpful to look at the week as a whole to get a glimpse of what is to come. This way you can walk into class the next morning ready to go.

Think long term

Coming back from a break can be very eye-opening. You are restarting and walking in with a clear head space. Now would be a great time to think long term. This could include writing goals or planning any upcoming happenings. Before things get hectic again, really take some time to see what the future could hold. Who knows, that may even mean applying for internships.

Remember, your attitude has an impact on everything you do. If you come back to class wishing for a longer break, things are going to seem a lot slower than they really are.  Come in with a fresh mindset. It can make all the difference, I promise.

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