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It’s that time again…midterms! I know no one is ever excited about all the projects and exams coming up, but going in with a clear mindset can help you make the best of what is to come. Whether this is your first college midterm season or last, you can never be too prepared.

Stay healthy

This might just be something that is common at my university but by the time midterms come around, everyone is super sick. It might just be the weather or how stressed everyone is, but it feels like you can’t take an exam without 10 people sneezing and sniffling every 15 seconds. There is nothing worse than trying to take a challenging exam when all you want to do is go back to bed because you don’t feel good. Make sure you are doing all the precautions like washing your hands, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and taking care of yourself. If you start to feel sick, make sure you have cough drops and tissues for exam day.

Stay organized

With all of your classes being on different schedules, keeping track of what’s due is super important during midterms. Getting your projects turned in and making sure you are studying the right material for the exams can get overwhelming. Using a planner or just writing down everything that needs to be done will help you be more successful.

Don’t wait for the night before

Midterms are very hectic. Each of your classes have papers, projects and test due on different days, and those things take some preparation. Make sure you are taking the needed time to study for each class days before the exam.  Give yourself plenty of time to complete your projects. Don’t just assume that you can put everything off until the very end. This helps prepare you in the best way possible.


Get enough sleep

I know there might be some late-night study sessions, but getting enough sleep is vital for when classes are exam heavy. Making sure your mind and body have the needed time to power down is super important for when you have been studying a lot.


Reward yourself

After a stressful week full of studying and exams, make sure you take the time to treat yourself! Whether it is going out to dinner with friends or spending the day watching movies in bed, make sure you give yourself a break. Use this the time to recover in order to get ready for another successful couple of weeks.


I know midterms can seem really challenging, but with the right preparation, you will be able to power through.

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