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In this new era of virtual jobs and remote learning, it’s crucial to find new ways to stay focused. I speak from experience when I say that having a hybrid internship comes with tons of perks, like wearing sweatpants or spending the day with your pet, but it’s key to stay on top of your work. The comfort of home can quickly distract you from your weekly tasks, but I’m here to share a few tips that will help you to keep your momentum while working from home.

Have a Dedicated Workspace

To some this may seem arbitrary, but the truth is, where you do your work matters. In an article by the American College of Healthcare Sciences it’s mentioned that if you do most of your work in bed, you will have trouble sleeping at night. Our bodies are trained to associate sleep with our beds, but when you begin using your bed as a work desk, your body will transition to thinking that bed is where work gets done. This will result in lower quality sleep and less sleep altogether.

Time Management (of Course)

The most obvious of all tips related to getting work done is always time management; whether that means getting a planner, utilizing your calendar app to its full potential, or even just sticky notes. Time management looks different for everyone. The trick to staying on top of everything outside of the office is to set specific goals for things that must get done before you “clock out.” You can even go a step further and commit to specific times that tasks need to be done and hold yourself accountable to them. By practicing these methods you can save yourself from double the workload when you return back to the office later on that week. Time management is a great skill to master during your internship because it’s a quality almost every job requires.

Take Breaks

Staring blankly at a computer screen for roughly eight hours doesn’t help you or your employer, so take a break! Of course everything is good in moderation, so make sure you’re committing to a small break to rejuvenate, then hopping right back into it. The beauty of being able to work from home is that you are surrounded by things that bring you joy and things that inspire you, so use those to your advantage. Take small breaks to spark inspiration, to grab a snack, or to play with your pet. Taking the time to do things that make you happy will show through in your work and make for a better work-life balance. The days in the office are marginally different than your days at home, but staying true to your normal routine for in-office days will help to keep you on track. What I mean by this is to take smaller breaks throughout your day, but commit to your lunch break at the time you would if you were in-office, that way your day is broken up the same way. Hybrid internships are meant to allow for flexibility, not to make transitioning back to the office harder, so make sure you’re instilling behaviors at home that can also translate to the office.

The world of remote work can be tricky to navigate, especially if you are still required to be in office partially during the week. Adopt these helpful tips now, so that you can maintain a healthy work ethic no matter where you are!


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