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4 Tips to Conquer College Senioritis

College senioritis is different from high school senioritis.

At its very core you might be thinking, “well aren’t they the same thing?” and in many ways, you’re right. By this point in your academic career it’s your fourth year at yet another institution and you’re probably tired. Don’t get me wrong, though, college is still a very exciting place. The social aspect is finally comfortable, you have your friends and social circles set in stone. However, the coursework is a different story. It’s become repetitive and tedious in some ways. And since you’re so close to finally getting out into the world and starting your career you have to plan for that, too.

It might seem like a good idea to push aside all your responsibilities until they start to catch up with you because it is just so overwhelming to think about, right?

Wrong. Senioritis can cost you if …

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Meet the Intern: Alysse Harges


My name is Alysse Harges, and I am very excited to be the outreach intern for spring 2020 here at Indiana INTERNnet.

I’m a second semester senior at Ball State University studying public relations with a double minor in sociology and natural resources. Originally from the Windy City, I attended Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences and graduated from DeVry University Advantage Academy. I played tennis and volleyball during my high school career, but my favorite was track and field. I am a huge fan of city living and iced coffee on a hot summer day.

On campus, I’m a member of Alpha Phi Omega, the largest coeducational service fraternity in the U.S. I serve on both the service and pledge committee, taking an active role in orchestrating service projects and bringing in a new class of initiates. My favorite place …

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