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Five Simple Truths About Internships

This guest post is written by Elizabeth P. Cipolla, a business communications professional specializing in the areas of leadership training, creative recruitment strategies, professional development and executive coaching for more than 13 years. Cipolla is featured weekly in the Jamestown Post-Journal’s business section, where this column was published orginally on March 10, 2013.

Each year, millions of students and adults race to find the perfect internship in the industry of their dreams. What many fail to understand is the simple truth behind what they can do to get the most out of their experience at any internship assignment, every time.

Truth No. 1: Despite what you’ve been told, studying hard and getting good grades is not the only path to career success.

As a seasoned human resource management professional, I can assure you that savvy hiring managers want something more than good grades. In fact, many will not even consider hiring a …

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Top 100 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers Must Follow in 2013

The following post was originally written in late 2012 by our friends @YouTern, led by @YouTernMark. They offer great advice for both intern and job-seekers. If you’re on Twitter, please follow them, and don’t forget — @IndianaINTERN is active on Twitter, too!

Let’s face it… there are many self-proclaimed career gurus, ninjas and experts on Twitter. So, how do you know where to turn for the really good advice? In alphabetical order and with abundant respect, here are YouTern’s Top 100 for 2013…

@Absolutely_Abby Always positive; a genuine soul and teacher.

@alevit Alexandra delivers some of the best career advice in the business.

@AlisonDoyle Always beneficial information for job and internship seekers on

@AllisonCheston A career expert, author and blogger; highly valued advice.

@AmyatCiti A terrific reputation on Twitter – and a welcome voice from the corporate side.

@amyruberg A college and career consultant who “gets it” – …

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Thoughts from a former TPMA intern

Editor’s Note: Thomas P. Miller and Associates  (TPMA) is and Indianapolis-based company with a mission to align people, technology and initiatives to enhance the economic value of communities, educational institutions and companies. Former TPMA Intern Calli Duggins reflects on her internship and what she learned while at TPMA.  Duggins is now a graduate student at IUPUI.

Working with TPMA as an intern was a critical part of my professional development during my undergraduate work at Butler University.  Prior to this internship, I had interned at a large non-profit organization and a state government agency.  While both of those experiences were valuable because they introduced me into the work environment and helped me improve my interpersonal skills, TPMA afforded me an incredibly well-rounded experience.

The projects assigned to me in the first summer included the development of a new website for TPMA and the creation of community asset inventories to be used in …

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Marketing internship provides applicable work experience

Megan Nelson is a student at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College in Terre Haute, Indiana. She is an employee at Lake Land College (LLC) in Mattoon, Illinois.

The goal of my internship was to use online marketing to increase the college’s non-traditional audience, expand its brand, and get noticed on the Internet. Part of my assignments involved using avenues like Google AdWords to reach this goal. I spent the majority of my first two weeks researching Google AdWords and how it worked before I determined the best way to learn was to “dive in head first” and create one. I generated three text ads on AdWords and conceptualized a single video ad to reach adult students from start to finish. I also explored the possibility of advertising on Pandora Radio by gathering demographic information and creating a survey via  to help determine if that opportunity would be worth the investment.

During …

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One intern’s experience: Thinking about a career in law enforcement?

This guest post is written by Jennie Faker, a criminal justice major and psychology, sociology, and women’s studies minor at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.

Since the Criminal Justice program started at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College about six years ago, there has never been an intern at the Terre Haute Police Department – until now. As the City Department’s first SMWC intern I was excited to pave the way for future interns.

The Terre Haute Police Department has 136 sworn officers ranging from the uniform division to investigations. The main goal of the department is to protect and serve the people of Terre Haute as well as providing safety. I did not sit at a desk filing paperwork, stapling, mailing, or typing. I was in the middle of all the action! I rode with uniformed officers and conducted traffic stops, responded to domestic disputes, and served warrants. With the investigations division I sat …

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