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The New Era of Marketing

Clayton Maddox is a content marketing intern with National Trade Supply, LLC in Greenwood, IN.  He assists with social media accounts, creating content, graphic design, and PPC advertising.

The 60s are often called the Golden Age of Advertising.

“Mad Men” like Donald Draper were the pioneers, with beautifully crafted stories and ideas rolling off the tongue one after the other. The interns only dreamed that they could ever be as witty and cool as them. All ideas were destined for TV, print, billboard or radio.

That was 50 years ago though, and the marketing and advertising industry has changed immensely.  Fedoras, plaid suits, smoking and drinking at work are all gone. Even though change is rapid, it’s time marketing classes incorporate modern aspects of marketing.

Creatives like Donald Draper are still essential for marketing agencies, but there’s a whole new side to marketing that wasn’t covered in any of …

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Finding Yourself beyond the Classroom

If I were given the chance to be everything I wanted to before I leave this Earth?

I wouldn’t mind being on the Today Show, or perhaps Late Night with Jordan Patterson. I would want to design BMW’s next flagship sedan and also be the leading architect in designing the perfect addition to Indy’s skyline. I would write and produce music for talented artists that would win me a record number of Grammy awards. Oh, and voice acting in a Pixar film would be awesome!

One might see why the question “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” poses a challenge to a guy like me with many ambitions. I have a hunch that I am not alone. When giving campus tours at Butler University, I always ask the question to perspective students, “How many of you know what you want to do with your life?”

Of course, …

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