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Experience produces lifetime internship advocate

Over the 17 weeks as a marketing intern for Indiana INTERNnet, I found my stride in helping the small nonprofit achieve its mission of connecting interns and employers throughout the state.

Not surprisingly for an organization that promotes internships, Indiana INTERNnet knows how to provide an excellent experience for its intern. I managed its social media networks, approved employers registering to use its services and generated blogs about internship topics. All of these tasks bolstered my résumé and upped my odds of landing my dream job.

On Facebook and Twitter, I shared materials on interns, internships and job search tactics such as cover letter and résumé writing. I posted Indy-related photos to Instagram and wrote a weekly announcement on LinkedIn. I measured Indiana INTERNnet’s success through web analytics and generated a weekly social media report for the staff. I grew from a clumsy social media novice to a skillful knowledge-sharing …

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Research, personal experience reinforce value of internships

The introduction to “State of College Hiring 2015,” opens with a statement that we at Indiana INTERNnet find to be absolute truth.

“Internships help students develop experience, better understand their careers and increase future job prospects and salaries.”

Looksharp surveyed more than 50,000 college students and recent graduates to find trends among work-and-learn experiences. Part of the study’s purpose was to show college students how to set themselves apart from the competition.

To get the “edge” in the job market, Looksharp found that multiple internships, high GPA and online career profiles help increase the chances of graduates landing the right job for them after college. From a personal perspective, I’m hoping these findings prove to be true.

As an intern at Indiana INTERNnet, I’ve been immersed in social media, a key component of many communication jobs. As my internship here creeps closer to its conclusion, I know I’m not a …

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Gen Z: Coming to a workplace near you

In recent discussions about generational differences, Millennials dominated the conversation.

However, experts such as Nancy Ahlrichs of FlashPoint say another generation is emerging. Called “Generation Z,” people born between 1990 and 1999 are beginning to enter the workplace. The introduction of Gen Z makes five generations in today’s workforce: Veterans (70 and older), Boomers (Ages 51-69), Generation X (Ages 39-50), Millennials (Ages 26-38) and Generation Z (Ages 16-25).

Ahlrichs says as with Millennials, employers should consider the characteristics and expectations of Gen Z in order to foster high productivity and retain top talent.

Gen Z prefers a teaching-style of leadership rather than following orders without explanation. The preferred communication channels for Gen Z are face-to-face; tweets and texts; Instagram, Vine, Snapchat; and no phone calls/meetings. Interestingly, Gen Z typically does not use Facebook because that’s the social media site used by their parents and grandparents. Gen Z requires feedback on …

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Casey Spivey: Making an IMPACT

Casey Spivey was named Intern of the Year at the annual IMPACT Awards luncheon in 2013. Today, she is a full-time employee with the Indiana State Personnel Department – the same organization she worked for as an intern when she earned the award.

Indiana INTERNnet: What have you been up to career-wise since graduation and earning an IMPACT Award?

Casey Spivey: I started my internship with the State of Indiana the day after I graduated from college. Thankfully, the Indiana State Personnel Department (SPD) offered me a Benefits Specialist positon before the conclusion of my internship, so I was able to transition directly into full-time employment with the State! I spent about a year in SPD’s Benefits Division before transferring to a Generalist position supporting the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC). Currently, I manage Human Resources for the Pendleton Correctional Complex, which consists of three IDOC facilities.

IIN: How …

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Avoid ‘spooky’ behavior in the workplace

As you know, this time of year brings the chance to transform into someone or something else. To maintain course on the education and career front, however, there are some “spooky” behaviors that do not translate well in the workplace.

You’ve nailed the interview and landed the internship that will be vital to your education and future career. Now, it’s time to avoid turning the opportunity into a horror story. Based on Universal Studios’ classic monsters, these are the kinds of interns you don’t want to be.

The Invisible Man intern: Being present is not enough. While on the job, strive to impress. One way to do this is by not displaying the bad temperament of the H. G. Wells character. Accept assignments with enthusiasm and offer your assistance regularly. Smiling while exchanging greetings with those you encounter in the workplace is also a good idea.

The Frankenstein …

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