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My top 5 favorite things about working for Indiana INTERNnet

This week is unfortunately my final week as a member of the Indiana INTERNnet team. There have been so many great things about this experience, so for my last blog post I have decided to reflect on my top five favorite parts of my summer internship:

5. Doing Research

Coming up with blog and social media content every week isn’t easy – it required a lot of research and reading. Luckily, I enjoy those two things when it comes to career development! As a young professional myself, each time I would tweet an article or pull from one for a blog post, I was taking that advice as well. During the school year, I am not able to be as proactive about my career as I would like. This experience has allowed me to devote time every week to reading about the latest trends in resumes, cover letters and more, …

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Should You Negotiate Your Internship Salary?

Receiving an offer for an internship can be exciting, but what happens if you’re not sure you can afford to accept it? As was discussed in a previous blog post about how to choose between multiple internship offers, you shouldn’t accept a position that doesn’t fit you financially. However, you may be able to negotiate with a potential employer so that the internship opportunity works with your budget.

Although unpaid internships are becoming less common, plenty of these programs still exist. It’s important to note that if a company posted the internship as unpaid, you will likely not be able to convince them to change their minds. If you know that an unpaid position won’t work for you, you should be transparent with them – just don’t expect the company to comply. You may need to accept that it’s not a good fit.

Negotiating for a higher internship salary can …

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Preparing for the End of Your Internship: Takeaways from the Indiana State Fair Event

Last Friday, the Indiana INTERNnet team joined over 50 interns at the Indiana State Fairgrounds for another summer intern engagement event.

Attendees played a round of trivia for a chance to win donated prizes – it was the perfect way to make sure everyone was wide awake and engaged. After buzzing in for questions about Indianapolis, Indiana and the State Fair, the interns were fired up and ready for the morning’s career development session.

Samantha Martin, assistant director of the Ball State University Career Center, was eager to take the floor and keep up the energy in the room. To start, she had participants split into groups for a unique networking game where everyone was asked to make a chain of facts that each of their internships had in common. The winning team took home “Fair Bucks” and Crew Car Wash coupons for connecting 66 facts into a story about …

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Tips to Become an Intern-to-Hire Success

At Indiana INTERNnet, we love a good intern-to-hire story. We’re always on the lookout for tales of individuals around the state who were able to turn their internship into a full-time job offer. As a senior in college, I enjoy these stories on a personal level for the hope that they bring me. Throughout this summer, I’ve heard of several different people who were hired after their internship was over, and it’s made me wonder – what could I do to help make that happen? So, for both your benefit and my own, here are some tips to help all of us interns (hopefully) get hired:

Take Initiative

It is not unusual for interns to run out of things to do at work. Rather than give in to the temptation of playing on your phone or doing other non-work-related activities on your down time, find ways to be productive. If …

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The Benefits of Socializing with Co-Workers

Depending on how much you enjoy your co-workers’ company, you may or may not find the idea of hanging out with them appealing. However, taking the time to get to know fellow employees while you’re all away from your desks can improve everyone’s work performance and bring the team closer together. An article from SUCCESS Magazine says that socialization among employees creates a “culture of connectivity” that regular work days do not necessarily foster.

There are certain precautions that you should take when spending time with your co-workers outside of the office. After all, you’re going to see them every day when you come into the office, so you need to be mindful of how you carry yourself and what you say – even if you’re just swapping stories on your own time. Avoid oversharing to prevent your new friends from feeling uncomfortable and avoid speaking negatively about your …

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