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Still Searching for an Internship?

Entry by Pat Patterson

Are you still having trouble finding a summer internship?  With employers planning to hire more interns this year, perhaps you are just looking in the wrong places:

Employers expect to hire 7 percent more interns for 2010-11 than they hired in 2009-10, according to results of NACE’s latest internship survey.

Ninety-three percent of employers responding to the NACE 2011 Internship & Co-op Survey reported plans to hire interns.

The survey was conducted January 15 – March 1; 266 employers responded, for a 30.8 percent response rate.

Indiana INTERNnet has nearly 2,500 internship opportunities available from more than 3,800 employers across the state.  If you have not done so recently, log on to your student account and search our database – or if you don’t have an account, get signed up with us today for free!

With most summer internships starting in …

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College Student Explores Social Marketing With Virtual Internship

Entry by Pat Patterson – from the February 2011 INTERNnetwork

For many employers, deciding whether to hire an intern is not easy. A lack of office space or time, for instance, may prevent some businesses from doing so. The same applies to students – because of time or distance, they may not be able to complete an internship when and where they desire.

A project at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College known as the “Social Marketing Experiment” addressed these issues. Funded through a $15,000 Ball Brothers Foundation Venture grant and the Lilly Endowment, it allowed on-campus and distance students to collaborate and construct social media marketing campaigns for local nonprofits.

As part of the “Social Marketing Experiment,” students worked virtually for various nonprofits, communicating either through phone or e-mail. This was an ideal arrangement for Annessa Rentschler, a Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College senior and mother of one. As an intern, she worked with …

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Making Yourself Indispensible in the Workplace

Entry by Jennifer Weinmann, Student Employment Consultant for the IUPUI Office of Student Employment in Indianapolis, IN

While working at a University, I have the opportunity to learn from both students and staff.  Since many on-campus staff are also student employers, I hear about a variety of things that occur in the workplace.  Because a part-time job or internship can often be the gateway to full-time employment, it is important that a student employee be aware of the way he or she behaves in the workplace. 

For many students, they know that getting a job can be a challenge, but they don’t often think beyond this first step.  Once they have secured a position, they may be at a loss for the next steps to take in their newly found position.

Here are a few things I have determined will make you stand out and show how …

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New Contributing Blog Author: Jennifer Weinmann

Jennifer is a 2008 Ball State University graduate with a degree in Human Resources Management.  Throughout her college career, Jennifer worked for a business fellowship program through the Ball State Career Center.  She has extensive internship experience, confirming her HR passion through internships with Aldi as a District Manager Intern and at Red Gold as a Human Resources Intern.

Jennifer accepted a full-time position with Red Gold upon graduation in a truly generalist role, as she managed payroll, benefits, employee recognition and recruitment.  Then, after relocating to Indianapolis, Jennifer worked as a project manager for Walker Information, conducting large scale training sessions for global clients.

Now pursuing a graduate degree, Jennifer joined IUPUI as the Student Employment Consultant for the Office of Student Employment while enrolling in graduate courses for Adult Education.   She works full-time with IUPUI students who are seeking part-time employment.  Through presentations and one-on-one sessions, Jennifer mentors …

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Want to Perform Your Best at Your Next Internship Interview?

Entry by Pat Patterson

Aside from the usual interview preparation – researching the organization and opportunity, preparing answers to questions, dressing in appropriate professional attire, etc. – the key to performing your best at your next internship interview is to get enough sleep the night before, so be prepared to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs………


According to studies discussed in Brain Rules, a book by molecular biologist Dr. John Medina, sleep helps our brains function at peak performance:

To highlight this, Medina refers to a study in which math graduate students were given a problem and told the way to solve it. 

“It was a bonehead solution,” Medina says. “Unbeknownst to students, there was a much more elegant way to solve the math problem.”

The researchers, who wanted to study the effect of sleep on cognition, broke the students into two groups, Group A and Group B. With 12 …

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