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Educators: Best Practices to Welcome Students Back

Entry by Pat Patterson

Summer break is quickly coming to a close, and students will soon pack up their belongings and return to their college campuses.  As educators, it is best to engage these students in career services activities as soon as possible. 

The following are a few ideas to help career services professionals welcome students back to campus and encourage them to visit the career office:

Create flyers to distribute in living units and common areas, which list the first few career services events of the year, engage in social media by advertising your Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn pages, host a beginning of the year cook-out or ice cream social (perhaps the “fee” for attending can be that students have to bring a resume for review or take a Myers-Briggs Test, etc.), reward the first hundred or so students who visit the career office with t-shirts, professional resume paper, …

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Take Me Out to the Career Game

Entry by Pam Norman, Indiana INTERNnet Executive Director

Last week I had the good fortune to enjoy baseball, hotdogs and career conversation.   A beautiful Indiana evening at Victory Field proved to be the perfect setting as university career services professionals and employers met to further relationships to benefit the students of Indiana.  Sponsored by Career Development Professionals of Indiana, the College Career Center Consortium, Harrison College, Indiana University Career Development Center, and Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, the event attracted 106 attendees representing 59 employers and 25 college career centers.  While networking was the ultimate goal of the evening, many stayed to cheer the Indians on to a 9-1 victory over the Durham Bulls. 

As I think about the conversations I participated in, it was evident that higher education staff members work as advocates for Indiana students in a variety of ways.  Discussions surrounding employer campus visits, internships, and talent …

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Educators: Creating Virtual Internship Opportunities

Entry by Pat Patterson

In the June INTERNnetwork, we included an article about virtual internships, employers hiring an intern to work outside of their organization’s office. As an educator, when recruiting employers to offer internship opportunities for your students, it would be wise of you to discuss the possibility of such employers offering virtual internships.

A virtual internship may be an ideal situation for an employer who may not have the office space for a student. Just yesterday, I visited an intern who is interning for an advertisement agency in downtown Indianapolis. The student’s supervisor mentioned that the only challenge she encountered was finding office space for the student. A virtual internship eliminates the need for more space or additional office equipment.

Another reason why employers may be hesitant to host an intern may be the lack of personnel that they have available to supervise the student. With a virtual …

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Educators: Intern Site Visits

Entry by Pat Patterson

Intern site visits are a great idea for career services professionals who are interested in the work of their summer interns or who would like to build a better relationship with an employer(s).

A visit does not need to be formal – all you need are a few questions prepared in advance to ask your student and the employer about their experience. You may also choose to take a few photos to include in a story about a student’s experience to highlight in marketing material, your career services’ website, or your school’s blog.

Here are examples of some questions you may ask:


Tell us about the work you’ve been doing during your internship experience.
What will you take away from this internship experience?
How has this internship experience influenced future career goals?
What has been the best/most challenging …

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Educators: Department of Labor Guidelines on Internships – What are your thoughts?

Entry by Pat Patterson

At this point, I am sure most, if not all of you are aware of the Department of Labor Guidlines concerning internship compensation. Although these guidlines may not seem that “new,” it is always good to share our thoughts.

According to The Department of Labor, the following six legal criteria must be applied when making a determination if an internship is required to be paid:

1. The internship, even though it includes actual operation of the facilities of the employer, is similar to training which would be given in an educational environment.
2. The internship experience is for the benefit of the intern.
3. The intern does not displace regular employees, but works under close supervision of existing staff.
4. The employer that provides the training derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the intern; and on occasion its operations may actually …

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