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Welcome Angela Taylor!

Indiana INTERNnet is pleased to welcome Angela Taylor to our team as Program Assistant! She is responsible for the logistics of the IMPACT Awards, serves as liaison to the board of directors and committees, and produces communications.

Angela was born and raised on the west side of Indianapolis but currently resides in Irvington, a charming east side neighborhood. She received her bachelor’s degree at Indiana University – Indianapolis with a focus on tourism, conventions and events management. She started her career in the hospitality industry as an intern working at the Sheraton in Indianapolis. Once her internship was completed, she stayed working at the Sheraton through college and beyond.

To build her resume, she switched fields and worked at Elanco Animal Health for a few years, then most recently worked at the Greater Lawrence Chamber of Commerce. She is very excited to jump in with the Indiana INTERNnet team and …

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Celebrate Your Interns and Join Us on Indiana Intern Day

Join Indiana INTERNnet and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE) in celebrating Indiana’s interns! Gov. Holcomb has officially recognized July 25 as Indiana Intern Day. The occasion is modeled after National Intern Day – a movement to honor interns and the employers that provide meaningful internship opportunities.

This day is primarily social media-focused, but if you want to give your interns a break, Indiana INTERNnet and the CHE will host a casual intern meet-up at the Statehouse Market in Indianapolis from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. You can purchase lunch from food trucks and other local vendors. Employers: Send your interns to show them your appreciation. Interns: Network with your peers!

Can’t make it to Indianapolis? Acknowledge your interns by using #INinternday on social media. Complete this pledge form. It’s free to participate. We’ll send you downloadable content to start your Intern Day celebration off right!

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What to Really Look for In Your Next Intern

We recently started screening every single internship posted on We quickly realized this is a time-consuming process. But it truly increases the quality of internships we share with students. I noticed, however, a common trend: Employers were putting a lot of emphasis on experiences as opposed to desired skills from potential applicants.

I see a lot of internship postings requesting specific qualifications. The employer limits its search to juniors or seniors, a student with a certain GPA, number of courses completed and/or total years’ experience. There are plenty of other attributes that should be considered when trying to find your next intern.

Applicants’ skills

When you review an applicant’s resumé, it’s easy to hone in on how many internships they have or have not completed. Instead of looking solely at quantity, focus on abilities developed during their professional experiences.

If the applicant doesn’t have an internship background, avoid discounting them. …

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Career Advice from the Communications and PR Manager at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to interview a current employee of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Charlee Beasor is the Communications and PR Manager for the Chamber. We asked her about her internship experience and what’s important in the early stages of professional development.


Indiana INTERNnet: What is your current position and what do you do?


Charlee Beasor: I’m the Communications and PR manager of the Chamber. I perform a wide range of tasks, from handling social media accounts to writing for BizVoice(R) magazine, as well as Indiana Chamber press releases. Also, I talk with members of the Chamber and see what visibility and communications resources we can offer them. I also work with the media and our spokespeople in my current role.


IIN: When did you decide to start applying for internships and why?


CB: I started searching …

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Career Advice from the Manager of Membership and Customer Services at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to interview a current employee of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Nick Luchtefeld is Manager of Membership and Customer Services for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Nick has been with the chamber since 2012. We asked him about his previous internship experiences and how it helped him prepare for his career. He provided us with career advice as well as what to look for in an internship to gain the most experience and exposure.



Indiana INTERNnet: How many internships did you have?


Nick Luchtefeld: One of the requirements for Butler business majors is that you must complete two internships. I was able to land two internships before starting my career search. My first internship was with Wolverine Worldwide who is a shoe manufacturer, and I worked in work boot department. At Wolverine I worked with a mix of marketing …

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