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Career Advice from the Manager of Membership and Customer Services at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to interview a current employee of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Nick Luchtefeld is Manager of Membership and Customer Services for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Nick has been with the chamber since 2012. We asked him about his previous internship experiences and how it helped him prepare for his career. He provided us with career advice as well as what to look for in an internship to gain the most experience and exposure.



Indiana INTERNnet: How many internships did you have?


Nick Luchtefeld: One of the requirements for Butler Business majors is that you must complete two internships. I was able to land two internships before starting my career search. My first internship was with Wolverine Worldwide who is a shoe manufacture and I worked in work boot department. At Wolverine I worked with a mix of marketing …

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Career Advice from the Manager of Membership Development at the Indiana Chamber

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to interview a current employee of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Matt Ottinger is a Manager of Membership Development for the Chamber. He’s been with the organization since 2007. We asked him about his career experience and what’s important in the early stages of professional development.



Indiana INTERNnet: What is your current position and what do you do?


Matt Ottinger: I’m currently the Manager of Membership Development and I’m in charge of finding new members that we can offer our service to. I find and research potential companies to contact through various methods such as events and conferences, Chamber programs and news. I have been with the Chamber since 2007 and started out in communications and publications.


IIN: When did you decide to start searching for …

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Indiana INTERNnet Team: What We’re Thankful For

Now is the time when we start thinking about what we’re thankful for, and why. In this post, the Indiana INTERNnet team reflects on what we’re thankful for in our careers.


Allison Kuehr

I am thankful for my fantastic coworkers. I’m fortunate to enjoy what I do, but I’m even more fortunate to love the people I work with. During my time with Indiana INTERNnet, I’ve made some great friends and mentors. They’re always there to celebrate achievements and birthdays, share a laugh or dish some advice. As I’m still in the beginning stages of my career journey, it’s nice to have an amazing in-office support system guiding me and cheering me on along the way.





Caitlyn Beck

I’m so thankful for my amazing job and my colleagues. I’ve heard so many horror stories of how people dislike their first job out of …

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Work Event Dos and Don’ts

At some point in your career, you’re going to attend a work event that’s outside of normal business hours. They actually happen more often than you think! This week, I had both a luncheon and a cocktail hour/dinner on the same day. I never thought I would have a job where I have to attend these events, let alone two in one day! Even if you don’t think you’ll be encountering work events in your career, you need to be prepared anyway. Here are some do’s and don’ts of attending a work event.

Do: Be Polite to Waitstaff

I worked in retail and the service industry for years. Waitstaff have to put up with a lot. Their job is stressful, fast-paced, and exhausting. Keep this in mind the next time your food isn’t the greatest, or you don’t get your drink as fast as you want. In the dating world, …

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How to Handle Allergy, Cold and Flu Season

“Winter is coming.” A phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of many. Not just because it means something major is impending on Game of Thrones, but because it means the time for getting sick is upon us. Whether it’s just getting a common cold, or something major like the flu, ‘tis the season of sickness. Here’s how to navigate life during what’s sure to be a tiring time!

Utilize preventative measures.

The easiest way to handle getting sick is using preventative tactics. Get your flu shot, not just for your sake, but for everyone else’s! If you skipped your shot, it doesn’t mean you didn’t get someone else sick. Don’t want to stop by your doctor to get the flu shot? Go to Target. It sounds weird, but the MinuteClinics inside Target stores are doing free flu shots AND they give you a $5 Target coupon! In addition to …

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