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Shaping Futures by Improving a Local Community

Katie McGinnis is an incoming senior at Indiana University Bloomington graduating in May of 2019. She is majoring in Media Advertising with a minor in Marketing. Katie is currently working at Helmer Scientific as a Marketing Communications Intern for her second summer with the company. 

On Saturday, July 28th, I joined other interns and Helmer Scientific team members to volunteer with the Indianapolis Intercollegiate YMCA volunteers and staff to transform the Laurelwood Community in Indianapolis. The Intercollegiate YMCA works with four universities to provide experiences that enhance students overall. They especially focus on leadership development programs for the students they work with.

The Laurelwood Community in Indianapolis consists of around 160 units in a low-income neighborhood. Before the Indianapolis Intercollegiate YMCA began their efforts in the community, Laurelwood had been long considered one of the roughest communities in Indianapolis. After ten years of partnering with the YMCA, the community …

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The Benefits of Socializing with Co-Workers

Depending on how much you enjoy your co-workers’ company, you may or may not find the idea of hanging out with them appealing. However, taking the time to get to know fellow employees while you’re all away from your desks can improve everyone’s work performance and bring the team closer together. An article from SUCCESS Magazine says that socialization among employees creates a “culture of connectivity” that regular work days do not necessarily foster.

There are certain precautions that you should take when spending time with your co-workers outside of the office. After all, you’re going to see them every day when you come into the office, so you need to be mindful of how you carry yourself and what you say – even if you’re just swapping stories on your own time. Avoid oversharing to prevent your new friends from feeling uncomfortable and avoid speaking negatively about your …

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Should I have a Mentor?

Although the idea of having a career mentor is not new, the notion has grown in popularity in recent years. I had heard the word thrown around before, but I wasn’t quite aware of the popularity of this tactic until I read Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, last year. Successful professionals from a variety of backgrounds have endorsed mentorship and credited these types of relationships for a portion of their achievements.

So, what purpose does a mentor serve?

The Balance defines a mentor as someone who “becomes a source of wisdom, teaching, and support” for young professionals seeking guidance. Ideally, this would be a person that you could go to and ask for advice when facing work-related dilemmas and they could guide you based on their own experiences. While not completely necessary, it helps if this person works or has worked in the …

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2019 IMPACT Awards FAQs

Indiana INTERNnet is now accepting nominations for the 13th annual IMPACT Awards, an annual celebration of internship excellence. We encourage you to complete the online nomination form, and share how this person has made an impact at your organization by committing to internship excellence. The deadline for nominations is October 31, 2018.

Have a question about the nominations process or awards luncheon? Check out the answers to our frequently asked IMPACT Awards questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact

What are the awards categories?

Intern of the Year (3) High School College Non-Traditional *High school and college interns must be enrolled in school during the time of their internship in 2018. The non-traditional category is for an intern who was not an enrolled student at the time of the internship or was 26 years old or older during the internship. Career Development Professional of the …

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Resources for Young Professionals

There are a lot of different tools out there to help students better their careers during and after college, but sometimes you may not know where to start. Each of the resources below can help you find experiential opportunities, expand your network or prepare for graduation.

Career Services Offices

If you’re still in college and preparing to graduate, it’s a good idea to connect with someone at your university’s career center if you haven’t already. These offices can provide multi-faceted assistance with your post-graduation job hunt. A representative can look over your resume or cover letter for free and give you feedback. Sometimes, universities will offer a mock interview service so that you can practice answering tough questions and become more aware of your interview behavior. If you feel nervous about the job search process or want to brush up on your skills, career services is a good place to …

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