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Interview training opens doors

This is a guest blog by Alecia Kissel, HR and recruiting intern at Milliner & Associates, LLC in Indianapolis. 

My third and final semester as an intern at Milliner & Associates has been a whirlwind.

The first two weeks I spent shadowing interviews with the Recruiting Manager and Recruiting Specialist to get a firmer grasp on the language we use and expectations we set in that short thirty minutes. Three weeks ago, I conducted my first interview. It was nerve wracking, don’t get me wrong, but now I thoroughly enjoy interviewing and all that comes with it.

I am not sure if I was nervous because of the person sitting across from me or the person shadowing me. Having colleagues and my boss shadow my interviews in the first couple of weeks added some extra pressure. However, I knew I needed to hear their feedback. They’re professionals, been there done …

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Mock interviews mirror real-life nerves

This is a guest blog by Alecia Kissel, HR/recruiting intern at Milliner & Associates, LLC in Indianapolis.

During the holidays, Milliner & Associates went to Decatur Central High School to mock interview their students involved in the JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) program.

JAG helps students with their job search, resume building, interview skills and networking. This week we are going back to provide face-to-face feedback on how we thought the interviews went and to allow for the students to ask us direct questions about the process.

Mock interviewing the students was the first time that I was on the other side of the interview desk. It was my turn to ask the questions. As I prepare to interview candidates coming into the office this week all on my own, I will keep the high schoolers’ interviews in mind.

I was in the students’ seats a little less than …

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Ready or not, it’s time to apply for spring internships!

This is a guest blog by Alecia Kissel, HR/Recruiting intern at Milliner & Associates, LLC in Indianapolis.

I was just getting settled into my fall schedule, yet I already need to prepare for a new semester all over again – my last semester!

Nostalgia can move to the backburner for now.

On my mind are questions like, “What do I want to do?” “Where do I apply?” “What if I end up at the wrong company?” Valid questions, all worth discussing, but who do I talk to?

I’m lucky to have more than one mentor I truly trust. Regarding my job search though, I immediately go to my boss, Nicole. For other people, this may be a slippery slope talking to an employer about other employment opportunities, depending on the relationship. Thankfully, my boss is one of my most trusted mentors.

If I didn’t have this kind of mentorship …

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Summer internship leads to fall opportunity

This is a guest blog by Nicole Bieker, Vice President of Operations at Milliner & Associates, LLC in Indianapolis. Milliner & Associates recently hired Alecia Kissel, former summer intern, to continue her duties into the fall. 



Please join us in welcoming Alecia Kissel back as our HR/Recruiting Intern for the fall semester. Alecia joined us in May as our summer intern, and she did such an amazing job that we invited her to return for another semester. We are so proud of her and the significant contribution that she has made to our team in a very short period of time.

Alecia is a senior at Marian University pursuing Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication and Pastoral Music Ministry. Upon graduation, she’s looking forward to traveling abroad and pursuing a career in HR or Event Planning that allows her to create and nurture relationships in the business …

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