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From Medicine to Marketing: How Internships Changed My Mind

I enjoyed most subjects in high school—with the exceptions of physics and art.

Growing up, I had this idea that there were three main occupations that would bring the highest accolade: physician, lawyer, and engineer. When I had to choose a college major, I decided to pursue a pre-professional health track, since I was interested in biology. After taking an introductory course, I was smitten with psychology, and I quickly added it as a complementary major. By my junior year, I realized that my interest in the medical field was dwindling. I still enjoyed learning about the infinite complexity of living things, but I could not foresee myself living out the physician’s lifestyle. I loved watching House and Scrubs, but my interest stopped with TV.  This is why internships have been so critical in my career path.


The summer of 2010 brought along my first internship: Human …

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