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How to Dress for Your Summer Internship

You got the summer internship. It’s relevant to your skill set, works with your schedule, and (BONUS!) it’s paid. It is an excellent opportunity for your professional development, and you’re super excited for the first day. The only problem? You don’t know what to wear. Outside, the humidity will turn you to an exasperated blob of moisture and inside, the office air conditioner will freeze you solid.  Here’s what you do:

1. Ask your supervisor

If you haven’t already, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the company’s dress code. Every office has its own idea of what’s appropriate, and business casual can mean a lot of different things. If you haven’t started the position yet, send your new boss a polite email asking them to clarify what the appearance expectations are. For example:

Good morning [Name],

I am looking forward to my …

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Five Minutes of Pinterest a Day

Every day, I settle into my cubicle space: my keyboard and mouse at a comfortable distance, my cup of water within reach, and a bag of almonds to satisfy the occasional craving. Within these quasi-walls, I find myself hungry for an external infusion of creativity to lift my thoughts to the extraordinary. This is where Pinterest comes into play.

“…I find myself hungry for an external infusion of creativity to lift my thoughts to the extraordinary.”

If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest, this social media site offers a virtual cork board of sorts where you can browse, pin, and later review items of interest. This act of pinning usually ends up making me hungry, wanting to exercise, and working on a craft project. None of the ideas turn out as good as they look on Pinterest. The recipes I attempt to replicate do not look as pretty. The fitness …

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