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Summer Internship to Offer Experience, Adventure

Summer is finally here!

For students, this time of year calls for vacations, sun burn and poolside fun, not to mention a luxurious break from classrooms and exams.

Summertime is also the perfect time to dive into the workforce and build professional and personal skills. This summer, I chose to pursue a marketing internship with Indiana INTERNnet. I recently graduated from The Media School at Indiana University with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications. With the help of IU’s amazing career services, every summer since I was a freshman I have been fortunate to have internships in Indianapolis with some great employers.

Throughout my collegiate experience at IU, I used every summer to my advantage. I was a summer camp counselor as a freshman, an intern at the Indy Hostel as a sophomore and a marketing and promotions intern for Do317 as a junior. Even though some opportunities might not have been the most …

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Indiana INTERNnet Summer Intern Reflects on Growth

“Do what you are afraid of.”

These are the words of Caryl Auslander, VP of Education and Workforce Development Policy at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. When she said this, she didn’t know I accepted this internship at Indiana INTERNnet for that very reason.

Prior to joining this team to help increase talent retention, I was a student plagued by writer’s block, and I had very little social media experience. I decided I wanted to face this head-on.

I was that guy, probably like your parents, who used Facebook just to see who wished me a happy birthday once a year. As far as I was concerned, hashtags were never the character displayed in front of a word to loop a post into a larger conversation. It was always just the number/pound sign to me.


“This kind of growth could not be found in …

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Finding Fulfillment at Your Summer Internship

Do you know how depressing it is to spend a summer at an internship that’s not right for you?

Fortunately for me, I don’t have the answer to this question because I truly enjoyed my past internship experience. I have found something that I hope every intern finds this summer – internship happiness.

Last summer I was an intern for Building Tomorrow, an Indy-based non-profit that continues to have big impact in East Africa by supporting access to quality education.

My assignment: the 2nd Annual Indy Burger Battle. This would be the epic event where nine restaurants duke it out to be crowned the best burger in Indy.

I’ll be the first to admit that sunshine, live music, drinks and juicy burgers at an exclusive venue can cloud your view of what it is to be truly happy at your internship. Still, I realize the true key to internship …

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The New Era of Marketing

Clayton Maddox is a content marketing intern with National Trade Supply, LLC in Greenwood, IN.  He assists with social media accounts, creating content, graphic design, and PPC advertising.

The 60s are often called the Golden Age of Advertising.

“Mad Men” like Donald Draper were the pioneers, with beautifully crafted stories and ideas rolling off the tongue one after the other. The interns only dreamed that they could ever be as witty and cool as them. All ideas were destined for TV, print, billboard or radio.

That was 50 years ago though, and the marketing and advertising industry has changed immensely.  Fedoras, plaid suits, smoking and drinking at work are all gone. Even though change is rapid, it’s time marketing classes incorporate modern aspects of marketing.

Creatives like Donald Draper are still essential for marketing agencies, but there’s a whole new side to marketing that wasn’t covered in any of …

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To Blog Or Not To Blog

Entry by Brittney Horn, Membership Intern, Greater Lafayette Commerce

By now everyone pretty much knows to keep their Facebook free of any wild and crazy pictures and ludicrous statuses. This fact is old news by now (or at least I hope so). But what about blogging? Can you blog on your own free will without worrying about future employers reading and analyzing every word you write? The answer is yes. Well, urm, sort of.

You can have a blog that isn’t professionally related, but you MUST be careful at what you write about. If it’s about your life in general, you should be aware of what you reveal. Do you want your future employer to know that you had a 3-day drinking binge to celebrate your birthday? Yeah I didn’t think so. If it’s a specific type of blog such as a food, fashion, music, etc. be …

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