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Evolution of an Intern

As my time with Indiana INTERNnet is coming to an end, I wanted to extend my genuine gratitude and share the best parts about my evolution as an intern with everyone! I’ve had such a rewarding and educational experience working with some of the best minds in Indiana’s workforce development and non-profit sectors. Indiana INTERNnet showed me not only how influential internship programs are for future students, but also showed me a deeper part of myself that values mentorship and personal development.

Diving into a new internship post-graduation was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. Unlike my peers from college, I didn’t graduate with a gleaming full-time offer from one of my favorite companies. I honestly wasn’t sure if that was what I wanted since I graduated college a semester early, and that was OK! But what I did have was a B.A. in Telecommunications and resume I …

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High School Internships Blaze Career Paths

Career-development activities aren’t just for college and graduate students anymore. As labor and learning initiatives grow with the needs of our shifting economy, educators and employers are beginning to emphasize the importance of internships and work-and-learn experiences for the younger demographic.

High school students should be considered as young professionals. When you factor in the multi-tasking of their studies, athletic activities, managing relationships with friends and family, and acing their SATs for the hopes of attending their dream university, they truly understand how to balance work with play. Navigating through the occasional drama and misfit adventures, students graduate high school with a better understanding of their self-worth. But do they have a better understanding of a future career path? These students are the key demographic who need expert career guidance, in order to ensure professional success beyond the classroom.

These young students have the potential to take charge of their …

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Interns Flocked to Indianapolis Zoo for Career Building

Indiana INTERNnet partnered with the Indianapolis Zoo to host our second intern engagement event of the summer! This event, much like our previous engagement event at the Children’s Museum in June, was a fantastic success for everyone involved. We were ecstatic to have over 170 interns from various companies all around the state come together to network and learn more about one of the best attractions our city has to offer.

The Indianapolis Zoo, a place known for discovering new wonders of the animal world, is also the perfect place for innovative educational learning for kids and adults of all ages. Their enduring reputation is the product of their outstanding staff members, interns, and volunteers that enhance the guest experience year-round. And our visitors got the chance to learn from 5 of these staff members during a career panel. With backgrounds ranging from public relations and HR, to veterinary hospital …

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