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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Should I get a part-time job? Should I go to the gym this morning, or just skip it and have pizza for lunch? Well, since I have a test tomorrow, maybe I should go to the library. But it looks way too nice outside to stay indoors. Should I start looking into graduate schools? Ugh! Decisions, decisions, decisions…

If you’re anything like me, then this is a typical day in your life. Let’s face it – every day we encounter choices in our lives. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep, we’ve already made hundreds of decisions throughout the day. Some are conscious and intentional, like choosing outfits, deciding what to eat and when to walk the dog. Other decisions are made subconsciously and automatic, much like how our brain solves problems and processes memories from the day during our sleep and dream cycles. …

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The Reality of the Post-Graduation Job Search

When I first graduated from IUPUI, I thought finding a job would be a breeze. I graduated with high distinction, completed two internships and held a part-time customer service job through college. In class, I was told that the public relations industry was growing rapidly. I thought I would walk across the stage at commencement with a diploma in one hand and a new career on the horizon.

Well, life doesn’t always work out perfectly because the next thing I knew it was September, and I was still unemployed.

Just when I was feeling discouraged, my luck had turned around. First, Karissa Bash, Programs Assistant for Indiana INTERNnet, asked if I would write a guest blog post. I had multiple classes with Karissa at IUPUI, so I was happy to help her out.

After she heard I was still looking for a full-time position, she recommended that I apply to …

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You Are What You Think

As the famous Henry Ford put it, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.” In so few words, this quote illuminates the idea that life isn’t about whether you can or can’t achieve your goals and find success. The key is to focus on whether you “think” you can.

This mantra speaks on many levels about the true power of the human mind and the intentions of everyday thought. Throughout our young-adult lives, the anxiety and frantic thoughts about the future overwhelm our mental space and cloud our sense of confidence and purpose. Expectations rise with each year of our educational experience, and we may stumble along crossroads of emotional tolls and high-stake decisions. We ask ourselves questions surrounding the future of our career, health, love, and family. Every day, we strive for a better understanding of our personal goals and how to become …

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The End of Spring Semester According to “New Girl”

Each April brings a lot of stress to college students. It signifies the approaching end of the spring semester. The characters of New Girl seem to understand the stress of college at this time of year.

Let’s be honest, a college student is usually stretched for time anyways. As finals are approaching, time becomes more strained. Trying to find a few minutes to eat can seem impossible. Just remember, food and water are essential to human life.


The spring semester brings prospective students to campus to tour the grounds and crowd the line at the coffee shop. If you’re in the thick of finals week, these fresh-faced young people may seem foreign to you. Just remember, you were once in the same position they are in, and one day they will be in yours.


At some point, you’re going to realize what …

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March Madness: Internship Style

March is here! Flowers are blooming, students are relaxing during their spring breaks and the NCAA basketball tournament is in full swing. If you aren’t a basketball fanatic, March Madness may not be important to you. We will take a different approach to March Madness by relating it to searching for internships.


Selection Sunday

In basketball, this is the day the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee reveals which teams have been selected to compete. In searching for internships, this is when you select the industry you’re interested in. If you’re searching for a marketing internship, determine if you’d rather intern at a marketing agency, non-profit organization, etc. There are many options out there, so do your research!


Sweet 16

This is the round of 16 basketball teams that have made it this far in the tournament. Once you have selected the industry, you can search for organizations. …

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