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Four Ways to Make Your College Experience Less Stressful

Moira Keating is a human resources marketing/employee engagement intern at Milliner & Associates. She will graduate from Marian University in December 2018. 

Anyone who has met a college student, knows college can be is stressful. Trying to find the perfect balance between schoolwork, clubs, friends, jobs, athletics, family and more can really take a toll on a person. Most college students do not hesitate to let others know how much homework they have this week or how little sleep they got last night by posting it to all social media platforms. I am not mad about this, since I too have posted about my busy schedule, but I have realized there are ways to avoid these posts.

ACTUALLY PAYING ATTENTION IN CLASS: This should be a pretty simple rule to follow, since most of us are paying to be in that chair, but the constant advancements of technology can …

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High School Internships & How To Get Involved

1. If you are a high school student, take time during every week of school to meet with your teachers, discuss topics that excite you, learn a new hobby and make new friends. Audition for the school play or try out for the soccer team. These experiences will stick with you throughout college.

2. Talk to your guidance counselor about how you can shape your future classes into a schedule that suits you and your career goals. There is nothing more important than learning to articulate your passions with the leaders who can help you get on the right path. You’d be surprised when you find that the classes you took in high school directly correlate with your major in college and even after graduation!

3. Ask teachers about internships and work-and-learn initiatives at your school. If your school doesn’t have an internship program, encourage your guidance …

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The True Value of Internships

As spring semester is coming to a close, reality is setting in. Graduation is near (or has already passed for some of you), and the stress is overwhelming. School-project deadlines are approaching, upcoming final exams, and the biggest struggle of all: job searching.

If you haven’t started searching for jobs, do it now! For months I have been stalking Indeed, CareerBuilder, Charitable Advisors and various organizations’ websites for available positions. The biggest issue I’m having is a lack of experience/education.

I’ve started thinking maybe I’m just picky or aiming too high. A position of Assistant Director could be a leap for a recent graduate, but it somewhat matches my ideal job description. Could there be a person in a level below the assistant director who could be promoted and I’d take their spot?

My biggest regret in college is only participating in one internship. If I had known I would …

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Michelle Tanner’s Guide to Balancing School and Internships

Follow these internship tips in the style of the lovable twin from Full House and “you’ve got it, dude!”


When you’re parked in a three hour parking spot outside your internship and you’ve almost passed the limit.

Parking can be a difficult task, especially in a downtown location. It can also be expensive if your internship doesn’t offer a parking allowance. Before you spend hundreds of dollars in garage parking, research alternative options. You may have a longer distance to walk, but it could save you more money in the long run.


Sometimes you might complete a project at your internship that you’re uncertain about.

Internships can be intimating at times. You want to impress your supervisor, but on the other hand you’re still learning the ropes. If an assignment is unclear, ask questions! It’s better to ask questions than wasting time …

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