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The Best Things To Do in Indiana This Winter

I know that we just had Thanksgiving break and most people are thinking about finals week (which is just around the corner), but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun and spend some time with family and friends. A couple weeks ago I curated a list that was perfect for the fall/spooky time but now it is time for winter/snowy season

Christmas at the Zoo – Indianapolis, IN

Christmas at the Zoo is a classic for the holidays. Lights, hot cocoa and cute animals make for the perfect night out with friends or family. While there are some inside portions be prepared to be outside for most of the evening. The lights are stunning and offer a ton of great places to take pictures.

Light Displays – All Over Indiana

Another great option to experience lights is Winterlights at Newfields. Take a stroll through the thousands of lights and …

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Self-Care is in the Air

At this point in the year, life can start to feel hectic. Class work and projects are starting to pile on. Internships are starting to really pick up. And to top it all off, the holidays are approaching! That means plenty of gatherings for family and friends, gift giving, finding the perfect Halloween costume and more.

While all this is going on, it can be easy to forget about the most important person…YOU! So, to help you relax as you ease into fall, I made a list of helpful self-care tips.

Make sure to aside some time for yourself

Find some time, even if it’s only five minutes, in your busy schedule each day to focus on yourself. During that time, make sure that you are only doing things that bring you happiness. This mini-timeout can allow you to regroup and recharge before bouncing right back in to getting …

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Make the Most of Spring Break

Spring breaks are this month for many high schools, colleges and universities. You may be planning to kick back and relax for a week, but here’s a list of productive activities you could do instead.

1 . Catch up on homework

This may sound boring, but the end of the semester brings deadlines for projects you’ve been putting off. You don’t have to spend every day at the library studying for those final exams coming up in May. Use this time to catch up, so you don’t fall behind later. Dedicate a few hours throughout the week to work on assignments.

2 . Get organized

Students have busy lives, which can leave little time for organization. Use this free time to clean out your backpack and organize your notes. If you have the momentum, clean and organize your room/apartment/house. Spring is almost here, you can get a head start …

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7 Ways “The Office” Relates to College Life

1 . Struggling through another PowerPoint presentation.

All professors have a different style of teaching. Some will write material on the dry-erase board, provide printed materials for you to follow along with, or utilize the magical PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint is a great tool for classroom lectures, but you might only get half of your notes if you’re a slow writer. Professors may post these presentations for the class on Blackboard or Canvas. If not, students have resorted to taking photographs of the slides using their phones and later copying the information into their notes.


2 . Spending hours writing a paper and forgetting to click save.

This might have been the worst moment in Kevin’s life, spending all that time cooking the chili, bringing it to work, carrying it up the stairs only to spill it before anyone has a chance to taste it. The …

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