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Do’s and Don’ts: How to Make the Best of Career Fairs

August is slowly creeping around the corner.

Instead of being bummed out about school starting, get excited for what lies ahead! For students, this is prime-time career fair season. During the fall months as you prepare to head back to campus and get situated, it’s important to iron your blazers and dust off your networking skills.

When I was in school at Indiana University, whether I was a freshman or senior, I took advantage of career fairs every semester. I learned about job opportunities that were offered in my community and made valuable connections. A few even landed me a part-time job on campus.

Whatever you are looking for, career fairs are a great place to start. Here is a rundown of some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:


Your research! Look at what companies are attending the career fair first and narrow your options down to maximize …

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Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills: What Matters the Most?

Throughout our young adult life, we’ve experienced many victories — from years in formal schooling to tribulations that come along with navigating between different jobs, friends and personal strategies of success.

These countless learning experiences began at a young age with critical decision making and problem solving in the classroom. We grasped these understandings over time and their effects rippled throughout our adolescence and beyond, shaping our perceptions and personality. When the time comes to enter into the real world and search for a job after graduation (and it will come sooner than you think), you will be called upon by future employers to explain what skills and assets you possess naturally or those you’ve picked up along the way.

As students, many of us tend to focus on the hard skills we possess that correlate with our natural capacity for intelligence, our chosen degree or academic accolades. We willingly …

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Questions to Consider when Interning during the School Year

Entry by Valerie Petrey, Public Relations & Event Planning Intern, Purdue Liberal Arts Career Development

Most of us intern during the summer because it’s less stressful – no classes, club meetings, group projects, etc. However, with the workforce being highly competitive, it’s good to be open to the possibility of interning the semester you plan to graduate.

If you’re a December graduate and have time to spare, interning in the spring is a great idea because not as many people are applying to internships then. If you are graduating in May, like me, you should still consider doing an internship during your last semester. Last semester internships are your final opportunities to show employers what you’ve learned while attending college, and what you can contribute as a full-time employee at their company. Employers are more likely to hire someone they have seen working in action.

Whether you’re graduating this month, …

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Let’s Wrap It Up

Entry by Brittney Horn, Membership Intern, Greater Lafayette Commerce

And I’m not talking gifts here people! Though the holidays are coming up quickly, for some of you that fateful time that your precious internship ends is looming in the near future as well. Yes, I know I’m excited for all of the traditions I celebrate, but don’t let these last few weeks go by without accomplishing any work with your internship! These last few weeks are the time to make all of your hard work count by following these few tips:

Wrap up any projects/assignments you have. Please do not be that intern that leaves unfinished work left for a new intern to finish. It’s hard enough on your first day at your internship and they really don’t need to be tidying up your leftovers. Get a recommendation letter. Any notable intern supervisor will gladly write you …

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Homework for the Holidays

Entry by Brittney Horn, Membership Intern, Greater Lafayette Commerce

So I realize the title of this post may scare most readers away because who really wants to do homework over the holidays? But I promise you if you do just a little work, it will pay off tremendously in the end.

Anyone still reading out there? Moving on…

The homework I am assigning to you is looking for that summer internship! (See it’s not so bad…). A summer internship is your time to shine and show off all that knowledge that you learn during school. Internships also provide an excuse to get away for 2-3 months to wherever you want to go! Participating in a summer internship can help you find what you want to do for the rest of your life, which is pretty important to happiness if you ask me. You can learn so much from other co-workers …

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