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How Will You Be Remembered?

Entry by Pat Patterson

Regardless if you are at a networking event or a friend’s cookout, you are likely to meet new people, perhaps someone who will lead you to your next internship or job.  Whether you will continue to keep in touch with new contacts depends on how favorably they remember you.

A great first impression will increase your chances of continuing a relationship with someone you meet.  Especially for those internship and job seekers at career fairs, making a great first impression may determine whether or not a recruiter decides to toss your resume aside or keep it in the pile of potential candidates.

In Kevin Eikenberry’s blog, Leadership and Learning, he provides ten valuable tips on how to make a great first impression:

Relax. This comes first, especially if the situation is one where you feel you need to make a great first impression. You want the new …

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