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Things to Do in Indiana This Fall

It’s currently my favorite season and I know a lot of others’ around the office. The air is crisp, closets are in need of an upgrade, and the leaves are changing. While a lot of these blogs are based on tips and advice when navigating the workplace as an intern, we are still young which means we need to have some fun every once in a while. Indiana has some really fun activities that you can do throughout the fall. I thought I would do the research for you and create a list of everything you need to do this fall.

You’re welcome in advance.

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Anderson Orchard: Mooresville, IN 👻

Anderson Orchard is the perfect place to spend some time with the family or even a special someone. Pick fresh fruit including raspberries, apples, and of …

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Indiana’s Best: Fall Festivities

With the growth of local pride and demand for “homegrown” products, there are many opportunities to experience true Hoosier culture. Whether it’s restaurants, attractions, shops or anything in between, we’ll showcase some of our favorite gems that make Indiana a great place to live and work.

Pumpkin spice lattes, campfires and a crisp coolness in the air. Tis’ the season of autumn. The unusually warm weather we’ve been having can’t spoil that wonderful fall feeling. I will eat pumpkin cookies and don cozy sweaters while it’s 80 degrees outside (no shame in my autumn game). However, I feel the cold wind blowing this way next week with temperatures in the 60-70 range. Grab your boots and fleece jackets, folks, we’re going to some of Indiana’s best fall festivities!


Pumpkin patches and apple orchards

Let’s start with the obvious fall activity: picking pumpkins and apples from local farms. While …

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Fall into Internships

Have you noticed the leaves turning from green to red, yellow and brown – as if the cooler weather wasn’t enough of a clue that the seasons are changing? So, you reach for that college-branded hoodie from the back of your closet and head to the nearest coffee shop for that pumpkin spice latte. As you sit there in your black rimmed glasses and faded jeans, you browse your Twitter feed and wonder how the summer flew by.

Maybe you spent it lounging on the lake, or taking orders at the neighborhood fast food joint. Maybe you were working your way through online quizzes for that one math class, or watching all 4 seasons of Arrested Development. Or maybe, just maybe – you were gaining some experience at an internship (I can only hope).

As you take a sip of that heavenly java concoction, the smile that …

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