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Making the most of Millennials

Generation Y “Millennials” may receive some criticism from the media and employers, but many possess skills that can increase the depth of an organization. Every generation has its quirks, and Gen-Y is no different. If employers know how to best work with them and utilize their burgeoning talents, however, Millennials can add great value to the office.

As the first generation to grow up with computers, cell phones and tablets at the ready, Millennials are primed to augment an organization’s technological skills. They can be the go-to candidates for starting a new social media platform or finding new technology resources to help your organization get ahead.

In addition to bringing new technology to the tools in your organization’s arsenal, Gen-Y interns and employees bring increased social awareness to the table. Today’s twenty-something employee is attracted to socially-conscious organizations and can help develop office volunteering plans. Beyond making an impact at …

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