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Gen Z: Coming to a workplace near you

In recent discussions about generational differences, Millennials dominated the conversation.

However, experts such as Nancy Ahlrichs of FlashPoint say another generation is emerging. Called “Generation Z,” people born between 1990 and 1999 are beginning to enter the workplace. The introduction of Gen Z makes five generations in today’s workforce: Veterans (70 and older), Boomers (Ages 51-69), Generation X (Ages 39-50), Millennials (Ages 26-38) and Generation Z (Ages 16-25).

Ahlrichs says as with Millennials, employers should consider the characteristics and expectations of Gen Z in order to foster high productivity and retain top talent.

Gen Z prefers a teaching-style of leadership rather than following orders without explanation. The preferred communication channels for Gen Z are face-to-face; tweets and texts; Instagram, Vine, Snapchat; and no phone calls/meetings. Interestingly, Gen Z typically does not use Facebook because that’s the social media site used by their parents and grandparents. Gen Z requires feedback on …

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