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Connecting Interns to Indy

More than 75 interns from companies in the Indianapolis area gathered at the historic Fountain Square Theatre building on June 1 to take advantage of Indy Intern Connect. Our second intern engagement event of the summer was a casual evening event, hosted by the Indy Chamber. Attendees had an opportunity to network with Indianapolis business leaders and fellow interns while enjoying free drinks, duckpin bowling and a view of the city skyline from the Rooftop Garden.

A welcoming host, longtime Fountain Square Theatre owner Linton Calvert, shared the story of the building with the crowd. Originally constructed in 1928, it has hosted many types of businesses and witnessed the surrounding neighborhood continuously change. It stands tall today after being restored by Calvert and is an Indianapolis landmark.

It was a truly fitting venue for the night, which was all about encouraging interns who are not native to Indianapolis to see …

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A Record-Breaking Internship: Making the World’s Largest Popcorn Ball

This is a guest blog by Armenda Boyer, a sophomore at Purdue University. She is currently working toward a dual major in Agricultural Communication and Agricultural Economics. This past summer, she was an education intern for the Indiana State Fair Commission.

I spent last summer working as an education intern at the Indiana State Fair. Along with the everyday, agricultural education outreach, my internship provided me numerous unique opportunities. And I mean truly unique!

Each year the State Fair highlights an agricultural commodity produced in Indiana.  If you visited the fairgrounds August 2-18 you probably recognized the 2013 theme:  Year of Popcorn. This field crop was apparent at each turn of the fairgrounds—from the child-friendly popcorn maze to the red and white striped, popcorn container-inspired gift shop on Main Street. The focal point of the popcorn theme was certainly the World’s Largest Popcorn Ball—a 3-ton caramel corn …

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That’s Not A Barn – It’s Not Red!

This is a guest blog by Armenda Boyer, a sophomore at Purdue University. She is currently working toward a dual major in Agricultural Communication and Agricultural Economics. This past summer, she was an education intern for the Indiana State Fair Commission.  

“Where are we going?” asked a wide-eyed little boy as I led his summer camp group to the Mac Reynold’s Barn at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

As an education intern for the Indiana State Fair Commission, my team and I often hosted student field trips. My favorite days working at the fair were the days when children flooded the Fairgrounds to learn about agriculture. This summer, I realized that helping children learn is one of the most fulfilling things I can do. When that learning is regarding agriculture, an industry I am passionate about, I am even more excited to share information.

I answered the eager …

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The Life and Times of an Internet Marketing Intern

The Life and Times of an Internet Marketing Intern is a guest blog post by Rachel Brown, the Content Marketing Intern at digitalrelevance. In this position, she produces valuable advanced content and contributes to the company blog. Brown expects to graduate from Butler University in 2015 with degrees in English Literature and French. This is her reflection on her rewarding internship experience with digitalrelevance.

An English literature and French major at a liberal arts university. Does that sound like someone who would throw herself into the world of Internet marketing? I thought that girl would be out of place and struggle to find her way in.

My time at Slingshot SEO and digitalrelevance proved to be quite the opposite. Right from the start, I had confidence instilled in me from my supervisors, and I was put right to work. As an intern in the editorial department, my fellow Search …

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From Medicine to Marketing: How Internships Changed My Mind

I enjoyed most subjects in high school—with the exceptions of physics and art.

Growing up, I had this idea that there were three main occupations that would bring the highest accolade: physician, lawyer, and engineer. When I had to choose a college major, I decided to pursue a pre-professional health track, since I was interested in biology. After taking an introductory course, I was smitten with psychology, and I quickly added it as a complementary major. By my junior year, I realized that my interest in the medical field was dwindling. I still enjoyed learning about the infinite complexity of living things, but I could not foresee myself living out the physician’s lifestyle. I loved watching House and Scrubs, but my interest stopped with TV.  This is why internships have been so critical in my career path.


The summer of 2010 brought along my first internship: Human …

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5 Steps to a Legendary Internship

5 Steps to a Legendary Internship

If you have ever watched the hit TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother, you would know that Barney Stinson is the paragon of determination and success at singlehood. From his competitiveness to his magic tricks, Barney has evolved from a one-dimensional womanizer to the eloquent and creative –sometimes, sensitive – “Mr. Awesome.” Finding a parallel with internship success might seem like a stretch. Some may even say it could not be done. To that I offer two words: “Challenge accepted.” So, here are the 5 steps to a legendary internship:

1) Suit up!

As Barney explained in the episode Single Stamina, he suits up “to distinguish (himself) from the millions of T-shirt and jeans lemmings out there.” Throughout an internship, you too want to distinguish yourself – from previous interns, current interns/coworkers, and your casual self. A sharply dressed young …

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How Interns Could Save Your Life

OK, so maybe interns can’t “save” your life, but they sure could improve it. Recently, the Wellness Council of Indiana teamed up with Indiana INTERNnet to better understand the positive affects interns can have on the workplace.

 Check out the five dimensions of wellness and how hosting student interns can boost each category.

Career well-being: how you occupy your time and liking what you do each day

Interns increase productivity: Interns bring needed resources to achieve what couldn’t otherwise be accomplished; from promoting the organization and gathering market intelligence to improving operation effectiveness and supporting client needs. Secure future employees: An internship program enables businesses to recruit, qualify, and train potential employees.

 Social well-being: having strong relationships

Interns are energetic, not only in their work, but also in their lifestyle. They can bring fresh ideas and a new perspective. Networking: Interns are engaged—they love to socialize …

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Internship Possibilities – From An Intern’s View

This summer was the ultimate internship experience. Not only was I an intern, but I was an intern for Indiana INTERNnet – the free internship matching program linking employers, students, high schools, colleges and universities.

I learned about internships while doing my own internship. I conducted research, wrote blogs and attended conferences about why students should have internships, why employers should hire interns, how internships are the perfect recruiting tool and how internships retain Indiana’s talent.
Not only did I hear about the benefits of an internship, but I experienced them too. I actively thought about my internship as a test-run for my actual career: What size company would I want to work for? What are the local opportunities unique to Indianapolis? How can I grow my own professional network?
Now, I’m the biggest advocate for experiential learning. And why not? Internships are the best possible experience for …

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The Psychology in Internships

This is a guest blog written by Nicole Francis, senior at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and Psychology major. She has recently completed a summer internship at Meridian Health Group, which is a chronic pain management facility in Carmel, Indiana.

Meridian Health Group focuses on providing various treatment options for people suffering from a variety of chronic conditions, recognizing that there is a mental component to pain and suffering.  The mission at Meridian Health Group is to improve the quality of life by reducing physical and emotional suffering.

The majority of the psychology interns are doctoral students.  Doctoral interns provide individual counseling and group therapy.  A few of the interns facilitate a free weekly chronic pain management group.  The lead psychologist, Dr. Ari Dean Gleckman has been my supervisor at Meridian Health Group for the last three months.

During the first week of my internship I collaborated with one of the …

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The Hard-Hitting Truth About Internships

This is a guest blog by Samantha Morrison. She is a student at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and summer intern at USA Football.

I had the pleasure of working for a company called USA Football this past summer. USA Football is the national governing body of youth football in the United States. They strive to help make the game better and safer for those who play, coach, officiate, and organize football. This company is constantly providing new resources for the game, as well as perfecting drills to promote safer game practices such as heads up tackling. I know that more recently concussions have become a hot topic, so USA Football has put a major emphasis on concussion awareness.

I love what USA Football does and I love sports, so I was super excited when I found out I would be working as a Digital Sales Intern for them this summer. My main …

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The Goodwill Indy Interns Outlet Adventure

This is a guest blog post from the Goodwill Good Stuff blog. Goodwill Good Stuff is a Goodwill blog that was created to inspire and encourage. . .and to be the trial and error documentation every thrifty-crafter should have available. Projects are dreampt up from Pinterest, shopper suggestions and ideas from other creative people. Supplies for projects are, as much as possible, found in central Indiana Goodwill stores. Have any project suggestions or want to show off your thrifty creations? Let us know at

Have you been to a Goodwill Outlet before? It’s an experience like no other. Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana has a couple of marketing interns this summer and, as any good coworker would do, I took them to a Goodwill Outlet store. It seemed necessary to make sure they had a fully-rounded Goodwill shopping experience before their internship came to an end.

The Goodwill …

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From Intern to Young Professional: The Who, What and Where of the Social Shift

A successful internship experience is a catalyst for work placement and community involvement for the young professional.  This means focusing on a positive experience outside the office as well. So, Indiana INTERNnet provides opportunities for interns to network, socialize, and help the Indianapolis community.

Indy Interns, Indiana INTERNnet’s community-engagement initiative, provided a number of opportunities this summer, including an outlet to share internship experiences, learn about financial wellness, give back to the community, and explore the local Indy culture. But, what’s next?

For the “pre” young professional, the real world is a mysterious place. Shifting from college student and intern to young professional is about engaging in a new vibrant community, getting involved in community discussions, and creating a new social network with fellow young pros. It may sound logical—perhaps even simple—but it requires time, effort, and knowing where to look for opportunities. So where should one …

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So long, summer – Indy Interns’ final event!

We can’t believe it either—your summer internship is coming to an end! Hopefully, you’ve gained the real-world experience you sought at the beginning of the summer. Perhaps you’ve networked with local professionals and even socialized with fellow interns. But, have you truly explored Indy? If you’re looking to learn a little more about the Circle City and the Hoosier state, here is your chance!

Join Indy Interns for our final summer event. We will meet at Mo’Joe Coffeehouse, walk a portion of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick, and end with visiting the Indiana State Museum. Museum admission and lunch will be provided.

Who: Interns from Central Indiana

When: August 4, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. at Mo’Joe Coffeehouse (If you can’t make the trail, join us at the Museum at 10:30 a.m.) After touring the exhibitions interns will be asked a series of brief questions …

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Indy Interns Meet Pete

Interns from Central Indiana arrived at Interactive Intelligence to hear Pete the Planner share his words of wisdom. Pete broke down the secrets to good credit, how to pay off debt, three keys to budgeting, and ten ways to create financial momentum. Check out his website for more information, or even invest in one of his books—you won’t regret this purchase. He managed to fit in a toilet paper analogy, what the heck a 401k is, and what your parents have been wrong about all in a one hour.

If you couldn’t attend and you’re looking for a real takeaway, check out Pete’s ideal budget. It’s simple! If you spend less than the allocated percentage in one category, you can reallocate that money to another category (whether it is paying student loans or the new pair of shoes of you’ve been eyeing).

Thanks to Indiana Council …

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Indy Interns presents…Pete the Planner

Always wondered what a 401(k) is? Have you struggled with creating—and sticking to—a budget? What about the looming thought of paying off student loans and saving after you graduate?

Join us for Indy Interns’ Financial Wellness Workshop with “Pete the Planner.” He hosts a popular financial planning segment on Indy’s 93 WIBC FM and regularly appears on national news outlets; he’s an award-winning comedian and author of What Your Dad Never Taught you About Budgeting.

Who: Interns from Central Indiana

Date: Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time: Check-in at 6 p.m.; Pete the Planner workshop from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Where: Interactive Intelligence, 7601 Interactive Way Indianapolis, IN 46278 (FREE parking!)

Special Information: Please let us know if you’ll be attending Pete’s workshop by contacting Courtney Arango at We’ll have refreshments available for attendees, and Pete will have his books available for purchase at the event.

Indy Interns provides …

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