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5 Steps to a Legendary Internship

5 Steps to a Legendary Internship

If you have ever watched the hit TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother, you would know that Barney Stinson is the paragon of determination and success at singlehood. From his competitiveness to his magic tricks, Barney has evolved from a one-dimensional womanizer to the eloquent and creative –sometimes, sensitive – “Mr. Awesome.” Finding a parallel with internship success might seem like a stretch. Some may even say it could not be done. To that I offer two words: “Challenge accepted.” So, here are the 5 steps to a legendary internship:

1) Suit up!

As Barney explained in the episode Single Stamina, he suits up “to distinguish (himself) from the millions of T-shirt and jeans lemmings out there.” Throughout an internship, you too want to distinguish yourself – from previous interns, current interns/coworkers, and your casual self. A sharply dressed young …

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How Interns Could Save Your Life

OK, so maybe interns can’t “save” your life, but they sure could improve it. Recently, the Wellness Council of Indiana teamed up with Indiana INTERNnet to better understand the positive affects interns can have on the workplace.

 Check out the five dimensions of wellness and how hosting student interns can boost each category.

Career well-being: how you occupy your time and liking what you do each day

Interns increase productivity: Interns bring needed resources to achieve what couldn’t otherwise be accomplished; from promoting the organization and gathering market intelligence to improving operation effectiveness and supporting client needs. Secure future employees: An internship program enables businesses to recruit, qualify, and train potential employees.

 Social well-being: having strong relationships

Interns are energetic, not only in their work, but also in their lifestyle. They can bring fresh ideas and a new perspective. Networking: Interns are engaged—they love to socialize …

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Internship Possibilities – From An Intern’s View

This summer was the ultimate internship experience. Not only was I an intern, but I was an intern for Indiana INTERNnet – the free internship matching program linking employers, students, high schools, colleges and universities.

I learned about internships while doing my own internship. I conducted research, wrote blogs and attended conferences about why students should have internships, why employers should hire interns, how internships are the perfect recruiting tool and how internships retain Indiana’s talent.
Not only did I hear about the benefits of an internship, but I experienced them too. I actively thought about my internship as a test-run for my actual career: What size company would I want to work for? What are the local opportunities unique to Indianapolis? How can I grow my own professional network?
Now, I’m the biggest advocate for experiential learning. And why not? Internships are the best possible experience for …

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The Psychology in Internships

This is a guest blog written by Nicole Francis, senior at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and Psychology major. She has recently completed a summer internship at Meridian Health Group, which is a chronic pain management facility in Carmel, Indiana.

Meridian Health Group focuses on providing various treatment options for people suffering from a variety of chronic conditions, recognizing that there is a mental component to pain and suffering.  The mission at Meridian Health Group is to improve the quality of life by reducing physical and emotional suffering.

The majority of the psychology interns are doctoral students.  Doctoral interns provide individual counseling and group therapy.  A few of the interns facilitate a free weekly chronic pain management group.  The lead psychologist, Dr. Ari Dean Gleckman has been my supervisor at Meridian Health Group for the last three months.

During the first week of my internship I collaborated with one of the …

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The Hard-Hitting Truth About Internships

This is a guest blog by Samantha Morrison. She is a student at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and summer intern at USA Football.

I had the pleasure of working for a company called USA Football this past summer. USA Football is the national governing body of youth football in the United States. They strive to help make the game better and safer for those who play, coach, officiate, and organize football. This company is constantly providing new resources for the game, as well as perfecting drills to promote safer game practices such as heads up tackling. I know that more recently concussions have become a hot topic, so USA Football has put a major emphasis on concussion awareness.

I love what USA Football does and I love sports, so I was super excited when I found out I would be working as a Digital Sales Intern for them this summer. My main …

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