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What to Really Look for In Your Next Intern

We recently started screening every single internship posted on We quickly realized this is a time-consuming process. But it truly increases the quality of internships we share with students. I noticed, however, a common trend: Employers were putting a lot of emphasis on experiences as opposed to desired skills from potential applicants.

I see a lot of internship postings requesting specific qualifications. The employer limits its search to juniors or seniors, a student with a certain GPA, number of courses completed and/or total years’ experience. There are plenty of other attributes that should be considered when trying to find your next intern.

Applicants’ skills

When you review an applicant’s resumé, it’s easy to hone in on how many internships they have or have not completed. Instead of looking solely at quantity, focus on abilities developed during their professional experiences.

If the applicant doesn’t have an internship background, avoid discounting them. …

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Employers: Use Indiana INTERNnet to Find Your Fall Interns

Entry by Pat Patterson

Looking to hire fall interns?  You can use Indiana INTERNnet for free to post internship opportunities in Indiana. 

1. What are the advantages of using Indiana INTERNnet for my intern search?

Indiana INTERNnet is a free statewide system with students from 436 high schools and 84 colleges and universities throughout Indiana (the numbers continue to grow). With such a large number of students with diverse interests seeking internships through our database, your organization will gain greater exposure and gain a larger pool of qualified candidates to ensure you will acquire the best talent for your needs.

Indiana INTERNnet makes it easier to search for students. When seeking a specific type of student, employers can search for matches by utilizing any combination or all of the following fields: geographic preference, minimum GPA, job category, industry, and University. Employers may also post an unlimited number of internships.

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