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International Students: Orienting Yourself to American Business Practices

Entry by Pat Patterson

If you are an international student looking for an internship in Indiana, the following resources may help you adapt to American business culture, etiquette and communication:

Doing Business in the USA – Contains information on business structures, management style, meetings, team work, communication styles, women in business, business dress code and successful entertaining in the United States Business Etiquette in the United States – Offers information on cultural aspects of doing business in America English as 2nd Language – Provides information for ESL students on beginning English, intermediate English and advanced English. Topics include pronunciation, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, listening skills, writing skills, teaching English, reading skills and business English Resumé Writing Center – A comprehensive overview of resumé writing in the United States Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) – Offers resumé tips for international students – Highlights differences between resumés …

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Employers: Hosting an International Student Intern

Entry by Pat Patterson; from the October INTERNnetwork

For some reason or another, some employers are hesitant to hire international students as interns. Gary Beaulieu, Butler University director of internship and career services, believes many businesses have false preconceptions about hiring international students. For example, “many employers think there is a lot of additional paperwork involved, which simply is not true,” he emphasizes.

An issue of the BU INTL – News dispels some of the myths commonly associated with hiring international students. Here are the truths:

International students DO NOT need a green card to intern. Students who maintain an F-1 or J-1 visa status are permitted to intern in their major field of study by federal regulation (up to 12 – or possibly 29 months – for F-1 status and up to 18 months for J-1 status). There is NO excessive paperwork needed to hire an international intern. The …

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How to Secure an Indiana Internship as an International Student

Entry by Pat Patterson; from the October INTERNnetwork:

It is no secret that internships are becoming more competitive, especially if you are an international student who may not be completely assimilated into American business culture. For this reason, Gary Beaulieu, Butler University director of internship and career services, advises, “It is important for international students to start looking for an internship early – as early as a year in advance of when you plan on interning. Also, begin networking immediately and visit your career services office early and often.”

Students need either an F-1 or J-1 visa to intern in the United States. We highlight the differences below:

F-1 visa: With an F-1 visa, an international student can intern as either part of his or her Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

General OPT Requirements:

Employment must be “directly related” to the student’s major. Student must maintain …

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