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Internship Woes? Speak Up!

After weeks of searching, applying and interviewing, you finally receive an internship offer! You’re super excited about the projects you’re going to complete and the people you’ll be working with. However, after the first month of interning, you realize that your role and responsibilities are not what you expected. You might feel like your skills are not being utilized or developed, but what can you do?

Talk to your internship supervisor
Your supervisor is the person who is tasked with providing you with the resources you need to have a successful internship. If you’re unhappy, they’re the first person you should speak with. Review your internship’s description, and if it doesn’t match up with the work you’re doing, let them know.

Express your eagerness to take on more projects. Then, work with your supervisor to come up with a workplan so you have a structured outline of what you …

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Four Ways to Make Your College Experience Less Stressful

Moira Keating is a human resources marketing/employee engagement intern at Milliner & Associates. She will graduate from Marian University in December 2018. 

Anyone who has met a college student, knows college can be is stressful. Trying to find the perfect balance between schoolwork, clubs, friends, jobs, athletics, family and more can really take a toll on a person. Most college students do not hesitate to let others know how much homework they have this week or how little sleep they got last night by posting it to all social media platforms. I am not mad about this, since I too have posted about my busy schedule, but I have realized there are ways to avoid these posts.

ACTUALLY PAYING ATTENTION IN CLASS: This should be a pretty simple rule to follow, since most of us are paying to be in that chair, but the constant advancements of technology can …

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What to Consider Before Applying to a Virtual Internship

With the growth of technological resources like Skype and Google Docs, an increasing number of virtual internships are popping up. Virtual internships are internships that allow interns to work remotely with periodic check-ins. Some employers who host virtual internships will have occasional face-to-face meetings, while others will check in via video call, phone calls, emails, etc.

Virtual internships allow interns to have a bit more freedom when it comes to their working hours. It also allows interns to work for a company that may be too far to commute to. For example, someone who lives in Bloomington could intern remotely for an organization in Valparaiso! However, with great freedom, comes great responsibility. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about applying to a virtual internship:

How much time do you have?

If you already have a lot of things on your plate, you may want to …

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Four Ways to Gain Experience Before an Internship

Many college students run into the hurdle of not having enough experience for an internship. This is a common issue: how do you gain experience to gain experience at an internship? The good news is that there are other ways to bulk up your resume and enhance your skills. Check out my suggestions below!

1 . Side hustle

A part-time job, or side hustle, is a great way to develop various skills to add to your resume. Part-time jobs can enhance your soft skills: communication, decision-making, teamwork, work ethic and more. While it may be difficult to balance your class schedule with a job, the practice can improve your organization and planning skills. For tips on how to manage this juggling act, check out this blog.


2 . Campus involvement

Campus involvement looks great on your resume for added experience and shows you have initiative. Leadership development and civic-engagement programs, …

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Office Life in Five Gifs from ‘The Office’

Completing projects at your internship is one thing, but adapting to office life is a whole different story. It may seem like such a tiny detail in the bigger picture of your internship, but the small skills you learn through working in an office like communication, teamwork and time management will help you in your future career. Here are some tips and gifs from The Office to get you excited about living the office life!

There will be days that feel longer than others

Sitting at a desk for four to eight hours per day is a lot different than sitting in hour and a half lectures throughout the week. Some days will fly by, while others will drag on for a what feels like an eternity. If you find yourself getting distracted or burnt out, get up from your desk for few minutes. Taking a short break from …

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