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Be Aggressive, but Not Too Aggressive

Sofia Grimsgard is a junior at Indiana University in Bloomington, studying Journalism with specializations in broadcast journalism, public relations and graphic communications. She completed an internship with KXAN – a NBC affiliate in Austin, Texas.

Growing up as a naturally motivated individual made me very aware of the effects that my actions would have on my future. I was always thinking about where I wanted to end up, what I wanted to do and what kind of career I wanted to have. I also knew none of my dreams would come true without hard work and persistence – including valuable work experience from a young age. After having three internships so far, I have one piece of advice that seems to have carried more weight than any other: be aggressive, but not too aggressive.

Getting your name out there is of the utmost importance. Tread carefully though: it’s as …

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Four Ways to Gain Experience Before an Internship

Many college students run into the hurdle of not having enough experience for an internship. This is a common issue: how do you gain experience to gain experience at an internship? The good news is that there are other ways to bulk up your resume and enhance your skills. Check out my suggestions below!

1 . Side hustle

A part-time job, or side hustle, is a great way to develop various skills to add to your resume. Part-time jobs can enhance your soft skills: communication, decision-making, teamwork, work ethic and more. While it may be difficult to balance your class schedule with a job, the practice can improve your organization and planning skills. For tips on how to manage this juggling act, check out this blog.


2 . Campus involvement

Campus involvement looks great on your resume for added experience and shows you have initiative. Leadership development and civic-engagement programs, …

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Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills: What Matters the Most?

Throughout our young adult life, we’ve experienced many victories — from years in formal schooling to tribulations that come along with navigating between different jobs, friends and personal strategies of success.

These countless learning experiences began at a young age with critical decision making and problem solving in the classroom. We grasped these understandings over time and their effects rippled throughout our adolescence and beyond, shaping our perceptions and personality. When the time comes to enter into the real world and search for a job after graduation (and it will come sooner than you think), you will be called upon by future employers to explain what skills and assets you possess naturally or those you’ve picked up along the way.

As students, many of us tend to focus on the hard skills we possess that correlate with our natural capacity for intelligence, our chosen degree or academic accolades. We willingly …

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How to Rock a Career Fair


Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Collegiate Career Expo. I experienced both sides of the table; employer and student/job seeker. This year’s event was held in the Marriott hotel in downtown Indianapolis. It’s a great venue, with delicious coffee and tea!

After registering as a student, I was given a self-adhesive name tag and a map of the different employer booths. The self-adhesive tag would eventually become my enemy. It would constantly pull my hair out and at one point it relocated itself to the back of my arm. My advice is to purchase a plastic sleeve for name badges. This way you can insert the one they give you and clip it into place.

My next piece of advice for students is to find a spot before entering the fair, if possible, and study the map of employers. In this case, there were …

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Michelle Tanner’s Guide to Balancing School and Internships

Follow these internship tips in the style of the lovable twin from Full House and “you’ve got it, dude!”


When you’re parked in a three hour parking spot outside your internship and you’ve almost passed the limit.

Parking can be a difficult task, especially in a downtown location. It can also be expensive if your internship doesn’t offer a parking allowance. Before you spend hundreds of dollars in garage parking, research alternative options. You may have a longer distance to walk, but it could save you more money in the long run.


Sometimes you might complete a project at your internship that you’re uncertain about.

Internships can be intimating at times. You want to impress your supervisor, but on the other hand you’re still learning the ropes. If an assignment is unclear, ask questions! It’s better to ask questions than wasting time …

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