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Baldwin & Lyons’ intern uses his interests to find career fit

Mike Starr, actuarial services intern at Baldwin & Lyons, Inc., is not your average intern. Starr earned his master’s degree in student affairs and spent time in the professional world before an internship sparked a career change.

While Mike Starr did not always know what he wanted to do as a career, he always knew what he liked.

The actuarial services intern at Baldwin & Lyons, Inc. in Carmel realized early on that he liked math and science as well as a team environment. Blending those interests, however, proved more difficult before his current internship.

As a physics major at The Ohio State University, Starr assumed that medical school was in his future. When those plans fell through, Starr went back to the drawing board.

“While I was in school, I was extremely involved in different campus activities, so that’s when I became aware of student affairs as a …

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Use emails as a valuable internship search tool

Many job and internship searches today begin at a computer. Whether it is following up with a recruiter from a career fair or sending a blind email after seeing a posting on a job board, chances are you’ll send your resume and cover letter via email.

Great Resumes Fast recently compiled a list of errors people make when sending their application information online. Be sure to avoid these costly mistakes to keep your email out of the trash folder.

Don’t get attached: While it makes sense to attach both your resume and cover letter to an email, it’s likely that the recruiter will ignore your cover letter entirely. They’ll opt to view your resume only. Instead, copy and paste it to the body of your email below your message, where it’s much more accessible. Keep it short and sweet: Recruiters’ time is precious. Don’t waste it on unnecessary details. Include …

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Don’t let experience keep you from a job

Nothing should stop you from going after your dream internship or job.

That being said, professional experience does not always match job requirements, especially for new graduates. Even if you have little to no relevant experience or are applying for your first internship, you can make your resume stand out to potential employers. The Muse offers these tips to impress when looking for a position in a brand new industry:

Focus on transferable skills: Let your past jobs and academic work speak for themselves. Skills like communication and collaboration are universal, and should be a focal point of your resume. If you are proficient in certain types of software, this is the place to tell employers. Once they know your capabilities, they can integrate them into the position to build on your strengths. Don’t disregard the classroom: Long-term projects and academic work are particularly important resume points for new …

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Last call for IMPACT Awards nominations

Each year, Indiana INTERNnet aims to celebrate the interns, employers and career development professionals that make internships exceptional at the IMPACT Awards.

Nominations for the 2014 IMPACT Awards are due on Oct. 24 by 5 p.m. EST, and time is running out to nominate your colleagues! The Feb. 4, 2015 IMPACT Awards luncheon will honor three interns of the year (high school, college and non-traditional), two employers of the year (for-profit and nonprofit) and one career development professional of the year.

To fill out our online nomination form, visit and tell us how your nominee made the internship experience valuable for all those involved. Help us celebrate the benefits of internships by filling out a nomination form today!


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Keep distractions to a minimum when working remotely

Remote internships are gaining popularity with each season. These are even more prevalent during the academic year, when remote interns can work on their own time in between classes. While there are many benefits to working from home, the temptations are obvious. With Netflix and friends beckoning, it is important to keep focused and productive when you’ve set aside time strictly for work.

Establish a routine: Just like you have a classroom and office routine, you should employ the same practices when working from home. Start your day by checking your email or another small task to set the stage for an efficient few hours of work.

Find your own “office”: If you know you won’t be able to get any productive work done lying in your bed, establish an “office” elsewhere. Whether it’s your dining room or even a coffee shop, have a set space for work that is …

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