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Don’t forget to say thank you

Small details make a big difference.

If there is one place this holds especially true it’s during a job or internship search. Landing an interview may seem like half the battle, but your job as a potential hire is far from over once you leave the office. A recent Forbes article ( provides tips for a thoughtful follow-up that will separate you from other job candidates.

Thank everyone who interviewed you individually. Be sure to make each follow-up original, as they may share them with each other. The initial thank you should be handwritten, though any additional questions can be sent via email. Pay close attention and take good notes during the interview, as these will come in handy when writing your follow-up. Talk about anecdotes or conversations from the interview. Not only does this show that you paid attention, but it can be a subtle way to remind them …

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Talk up studying abroad in your next interview

The summer after my sophomore year, I interned and studied in London—an opportunity that left me academic and life skills I take with me each day. During my time in London, I worked for a corporate public relations firm. The internship gave me obvious work experience, but studying abroad offers so much more. Brazen Careerist’s recent blog ( shows how to convey the benefits of time overseas to future employers during an interview.

Talk up your communication skills: Even if you studied in an English-speaking country, travel abroad exposes you to people from all walks of life. Chances are you honed in on valuable communication skills that go far beyond polite conversation. Communication is indispensible in nearly every field, so bringing up what you learned during an interview signals that you could handle even the most difficult client.

Budget, budget, budget: Between tricky conversions and strange currency, handling your finances abroad …

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Internship experiences emphasize soft skills

The busiest time for interns often comes as they near the end of their internships. With projects to finish, resumes to update and thank you notes to write, most begin to look toward the school year or full-time job search that looms ahead.

Your updated resume may be full of great quantitative gains from your internship, but it is important to remember the soft skills you learned on the job so you can discuss them in your next interview.

Many new graduates and interns struggle with soft skills, according to this Forbes article. Chances are you developed many of these during your internship, but articulating soft skills can be difficult. You may know that you are an effective communicator and team player, but emphasize this during an interview by recalling a project that required group collaboration. Communication skills are vital in any industry, and using an example from your internship …

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Advancing our workforce through internships

“Align,” “engage” and “advance” turned out to be more than just political buzzwords on Tuesday.

I had the opportunity to attend Align, Engage, Advance: Transforming Indiana’s Workforce cohosted by the Center for Education and Career Innovation and Education Workforce Innovation Network. The conference presented the Indiana Career Council’s strategic plan, and opened my eyes to the challenges Indiana faces with employment. It also reassured me the Indiana INTERNnet will play a significant role in helping provide paths for career success in Indiana.

The biggest lesson I took away from the day is that experiential learning is a driving force in the efforts to elevate Indiana’s workforce.

Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann said that she and the rest of the Indiana Career Council hope 60% of Indiana’s workforce will have postsecondary credentials by 2025. This includes industry-recognized certifications, apprenticeships and certificates, among others. Internships provide hands-on, real-world context to classroom studies and …

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The easiest (and best) ways to stand out

Organizations, large and small alike, are frequently spread thin. Especially as an intern, it can even be tempting to fly under the radar. Come in, do your assigned tasks and make as few ripples as possible before the end of the day.

Getting noticed for the right reasons, however, can dramatically improve your career trajectory. As Brazen Careerist explains, small actions elicit big rewards.

One of the easiest ways to draw all the right kinds of attention is to start each day on time. Very few people (I’d argue no sane people) enjoy waking up before the sun to head to a job, no matter how fulfilling their careers are. That being said, arriving on time shows dedication and boosts your efficiency—make an effort to be prompt.

The minor details that send impressive messages don’t stop with your morning routine. Make eye contact with your boss and other coworkers; it …

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