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Intern Featured on Annual Cover of GRAD Magazine

It’s not every day I get a text message from my coworker asking me if I want to be on the cover of a magazine. Naturally, I play it off as a joke and ask what issue. The next day, she explained how GRAD Magazine, a partnership of the Indiana Economic Development Corp., Indiana Commission for Higher Education and Indiana Business Journal (IBJ) media, wants to feature me on the cover of their annual issue. Apparently, one of my blog posts caught their attention. Flabbergasted, I nodded my affirmation. How could I turn down such an opportunity?

“How could I turn down such an opportunity?’

This was not my first encounter with the statewide, higher education publication. As a matter of fact, I remember picking up a copy in the career center at Anderson University my junior year and flipping through its pages for some valuable advice …

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Internship Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some unresolved questions about internships? Whether you’re a college student wondering if internships are the best next step for you – or you’re an employer curious about setting up an internship program at your organization, here is a compiled list of internship frequently asked questions with answers by our internship experts:

What is the point of interning?

Employers: A New Age of Internship Possibilities Students: Internship Experience May Increase Your Salary Discovering your career path Why Intern? Mind the Employment Gap No. 1 Perk of an Internship

Are internships truly a stepping stone into a full-time job?

From Intern to Full-Time Employee Considering an intern as a full-time employee

I hear a lot of myths about internships. What are some truths?

Five Simple Truths About Internships

I keep hearing about virtual internships. What are they all about?

The Potential of Virtual Internships Virtual …

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5 Steps to a Legendary Internship

5 Steps to a Legendary Internship

If you have ever watched the hit TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother, you would know that Barney Stinson is the paragon of determination and success at singlehood. From his competitiveness to his magic tricks, Barney has evolved from a one-dimensional womanizer to the eloquent and creative –sometimes, sensitive – “Mr. Awesome.” Finding a parallel with internship success might seem like a stretch. Some may even say it could not be done. To that I offer two words: “Challenge accepted.” So, here are the 5 steps to a legendary internship:

1) Suit up!

As Barney explained in the episode Single Stamina, he suits up “to distinguish (himself) from the millions of T-shirt and jeans lemmings out there.” Throughout an internship, you too want to distinguish yourself – from previous interns, current interns/coworkers, and your casual self. A sharply dressed young …

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