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First generation college student trailblazing career path

Firdas Abamislimova is a senior at IUPUI’s Kelley School of Business. She is studying Management, HR and International Studies.

My name is Firdas, and I am the first member of my family to go to college!

My family moved to the United States 10 years ago when I was only 13 years old.  At the time, I already knew that going to college would be a given for me. My parents gave up all their life savings and their loved ones in order to move to the land of opportunities. You see, my parents never had the opportunity to go to college, so they have always dreamed about being able to give the opportunity to their children. Where I am from, going to college was a dream that came true only for the wealthy. Finding a job upon graduation was for those of true Russian ethnicity. Why, you may …

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Despite heavy course load, internship is worth it

Ashley Hager is a fall intern with Milliner & Associates, a staffing and recruiting agency for accounting, finance, HR and administrative employment positions.

Stress. Overload. Pressure. Worry.

These are a few words that come to mind when I think about working 20 hours a week and taking 18 credit hours this semester.

You know what, though?

Experience. Mentor. Learning. Opportunity. Thankful.

These are a few words that come to mind when I think about my internship.

Still to this day, an entire month after my first day, I am shocked that I get to work at Milliner & Associates for a whole semester. This is an amazing opportunity.

I wake up at 5:30 a.m. and get home at 9:30 p.m. from my evening classes. I have never had problems with time management before. I’ve also never really had a full schedule like this before either. It is hard finding time …

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Mock interviews mirror real-life nerves

This is a guest blog by Alecia Kissel, HR/recruiting intern at Milliner & Associates, LLC in Indianapolis.

During the holidays, Milliner & Associates went to Decatur Central High School to mock interview their students involved in the JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) program.

JAG helps students with their job search, resume building, interview skills and networking. This week we are going back to provide face-to-face feedback on how we thought the interviews went and to allow for the students to ask us direct questions about the process.

Mock interviewing the students was the first time that I was on the other side of the interview desk. It was my turn to ask the questions. As I prepare to interview candidates coming into the office this week all on my own, I will keep the high schoolers’ interviews in mind.

I was in the students’ seats a little less than …

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Internship offers insight into recruiting world


This is a guest blog by Macy Gentry, intern at Milliner & Associates, LLC in Indianapolis. Gentry is a senior at Marian University. 

I have had a great experience thus far at M&A, and I have learned so much in a short amount of time. This internship has opened my eyes to what recruiting is. I have read about recruiting in my text books, listened to a number of lectures in class and even have recruited a little myself, but I have never been in a true recruiting environment.

Looking back to just a few weeks ago, my whole understanding of recruiting has changed. I saw recruiting firms as the people that call and just ask if you need assistance filling positions, but I was wrong. Recruiting is so much more in depth and a lot more complicated and competitive than I could have imagined.

Just having a …

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Summer internship leads to fall opportunity

This is a guest blog by Nicole Bieker, Vice President of Operations at Milliner & Associates, LLC in Indianapolis. Milliner & Associates recently hired Alecia Kissel, former summer intern, to continue her duties into the fall. 



Please join us in welcoming Alecia Kissel back as our HR/Recruiting Intern for the fall semester. Alecia joined us in May as our summer intern, and she did such an amazing job that we invited her to return for another semester. We are so proud of her and the significant contribution that she has made to our team in a very short period of time.

Alecia is a senior at Marian University pursuing Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication and Pastoral Music Ministry. Upon graduation, she’s looking forward to traveling abroad and pursuing a career in HR or Event Planning that allows her to create and nurture relationships in the business …

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