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Food Banks: More than Food Distribution Centers

Madelyn Martinec is a 2016 graduate of Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with honors distinction and minored in Theology, Marketing and Spanish. She interned for four summers at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana in South Bend, IN where she primarily focused program development and strategic planning during each summer. With great joy, Madelyn continues volunteering at the Food Bank during special events and fundraisers.

Food banks are often thought of as a warehouse full of food and hunger is a topic that not many people enjoy discussing. However, the reality is that millions of people may not know when they will eat their next healthy and nutritious meal despite the fact that there is enough food to feed everyone. Despite this reality, food banks offer support to those who may have to decide between paying for …

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Nonprofit internship leaves lasting impression

Lynn Zeheralis is a recent graduate of Butler University and former development intern at Make-a-Wish Foundation.

As a new college graduate currently going through the job search process, I am grateful for the experiences and skills I gained through Butler’s internship program. Oftentimes, you gain more than just skills to put on a resume, and those turn out to be things you value most.

In March of my junior year, I was extended an offer to serve as the Development Intern for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Indianapolis. I had no idea when accepting this internship that not only would I gain skills many future employers would find impressive, but I would also have to opportunity to directly impact the lives of kids and their families.

In the three months I spent working for Make-A-Wish, I became much more confident in the work I did and realized how much I …

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Finding Fulfillment at Your Summer Internship

Do you know how depressing it is to spend a summer at an internship that’s not right for you?

Fortunately for me, I don’t have the answer to this question because I truly enjoyed my past internship experience. I have found something that I hope every intern finds this summer – internship happiness.

Last summer I was an intern for Building Tomorrow, an Indy-based non-profit that continues to have big impact in East Africa by supporting access to quality education.

My assignment: the 2nd Annual Indy Burger Battle. This would be the epic event where nine restaurants duke it out to be crowned the best burger in Indy.

I’ll be the first to admit that sunshine, live music, drinks and juicy burgers at an exclusive venue can cloud your view of what it is to be truly happy at your internship. Still, I realize the true key to internship …

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