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Career Fairs 101: After the Career Fair

Entry by Pat Patterson


After a career fair (From the 2010 September INTERNnetwork):

Jot down your notes and organize the information you collected (including contact information – it is a good idea to note where you met certain individuals and what you talked about), write thank you notes to those you met, apply for positions you are interested in, and follow up with employers about applications you submitted.

Remember, making a positive impression with people greatly influences your internship and career search.  When recruiters sift through resumes and decide who they plan to interview, you are more likely to stand out if the recruiters remember who you are and the interest you showed in their particular organization. 


After the Career Fair (From the National Association of Colleges and Employers NACE)

Post-fair activities do help with your recruiting efforts. Here are some ideas:

Host a networking …

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Career Fairs 101: Selling Your Company to Potential Interns

Entry by Pat Patterson

From the 2010 September INTERNnetwork:

Now that you have established a need for interns in your organization, you need to make sure you have students that are interested in your internship opportunities.  And although having too many interested candidates may not be a bad thing, it is important that the candidates you attract are qualified for your positions and are the right fit for your organization. 

Conveying a clear, concise message about your organization and its mission is vital in attracting the type of talent you would like to fill your internships.  Here are some tips on how to sell your company to interns, specifically at career fairs:

Have a section of your website dedicated to your internship opportunities, including detailed descriptions, which you can direct interns to visit (the link can be included on any literature students are provided before the career fair), attend those …

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