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The Expectation Versus Reality of my Internship

Kelsey Davis is the marketing and public relations intern at the Crossroads of America Council. She is a junior at Butler University, double majoring in marketing and art + design.

My first impression of an internship was at nine years old with the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada.” From that moment on, I feared the day I would have to face my own version of Miranda Priestly.

When I became a junior at Butler University, it was time to start applying for internships and inching towards a life-long career. Interviews often have a stigma for being brutal. These situations make you question your own thoughts and actions and wonder if it’s too soon for a follow-up call. If an offer is secured, you can only breathe momentarily until your first day.

I’ve compiled my top five expectations versus realities of an internship. Specifically, this applies to my role as …

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