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Employers: Total Internship Management Roadshow Jan. 18, 19, & 20

Entry by Pat Patterson

Attend one of three nationally recognized recruiting seminars about successfully implementing internship programs to utilize affordable college talent.  Indiana INTERNnet has partnered with Intern Bridge to deliver the Indiana INTERNnet Total Internship Management Roadshow in the following locations:

January 18, 2011: Fort Wayne, IN
January 19, 2011: Indianapolis, IN
January 20, 2011: Evansville, IN

The workshops are designed to help employers build world-class internship programs that have a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line.  The workshops will introduce attendees to best practices for building a talent pipeline through the use of effectively managed internship programs.  Whether your organization is considering hiring one college student, or one hundred, these workshops will demonstrate how to do it creatively and efficiently.  Based on just-released data from over 100,000 students attending 500+ universities nationwide, the programs will provide key data and metrics surrounding topics such as supervisor …

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Employers: Are You Effectively Branding Your Organization?

Entry by Pat Patterson

Your organization’s brand determines its reputation, which will in turn determine how well your organization will perform.  Therefore, it is important to periodically ask yourself if you are effectively doing all you can to take charge of your brand.  Even if you are not hiring interns or employees for the fall, consider attending campus career fairs to spread awareness of your organization and its future work opportunities.

Consider these results from NACE’s 2010 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey, citing career fairs as the most effective branding tool:

More than 90 percent of employers taking part in NACE’s 2010 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey cited branding to the campus as very important to their program. In addition, more than 90 percent cited career/job fairs, the corporate web site, and building relationships with key faculty as the tools and activities they use to build their brand. Nearly two-thirds of those using career/job …

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