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Students: How Many Hats Can You Wear?

Entry by Pat Patterson

In today’s workplace, employers are placing more emphasis on an employee’s ability to multi-task…and I don’t just mean texting and talking at the same time.  A diverse collection of workspace-related skills may increase your likeliness of landing your dream job.  According to research from Robert Half International, multi-tasking is a prominent attribute desired for the hottest jobs of 2011:

“The common thread among the jobs highlighted in our research is that they help businesses improve efficiency and profits, and foster a more positive customer experience,” said Max Messmer, chairman and CEO of Robert Half International. “The most successful job candidates bring multiple skill sets, a track record of success and a strong sense of accountability to their roles.”

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Knowing this information, at your current or upcoming internship, you may want to ask your supervisor for opportunities that may enhance any …

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