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Stay Safe Spring Breakers

Spring Break Pro-Tips

If you’re going to a sunny warm beach this spring break, here are some tips to maximize the fun and minimize unpleasantness.

Drink Responsibly

Don’t be that sloppy guy or gal, be smart about what you’re consuming.  Especially if you’re in a location were the weather is warm, you want to make sure you’re hydrating properly. It’s also smart to not drink and swim if you are near the ocean, or even just the pool.

Sun Care

While sunburns are no fun, you should also remember no one is immune to skin cancer. Sunblock will block any harmful rays from the sun and keep you safe.  Put on sunblock and do so regularly throughout your time in the sun. A broad-spectrum, water-resistant SPF of 30 or higher is recommended by professionals. Avoid tanning beds before a trip. Protect your eyes with glasses, a hat or visor.

Protect Your …

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Make the Most of Spring Break

Spring breaks are this month for many high schools, colleges and universities. You may be planning to kick back and relax for a week, but here’s a list of productive activities you could do instead.

1 . Catch up on homework

This may sound boring, but the end of the semester brings deadlines for projects you’ve been putting off. You don’t have to spend every day at the library studying for those final exams coming up in May. Use this time to catch up, so you don’t fall behind later. Dedicate a few hours throughout the week to work on assignments.

2 . Get organized

Students have busy lives, which can leave little time for organization. Use this free time to clean out your backpack and organize your notes. If you have the momentum, clean and organize your room/apartment/house. Spring is almost here, you can get a head start …

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