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Indiana INTERNnet’s Online Internship Fair

Indiana INTERNnet is hosting its first online internship fair through CareerEco on March 28! This is the prefect opportunity for employers to connect with students and hopefully fill their upcoming summer internships. And unlike a traditional face-to-face career fair, an online internship fair provides employers and students with much more convenience. Want to participate? Here’s the important details:

What times does the fair take place?

The online internship fair runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. EST. However, your company doesn’t have to attend the entire time. Employers can indicate a specific timeframe that they’ll be available. Students can see all the registered employers’ availability so they can determine when they’d like to attend the fair to meet with their top prospects.

What’s makes this fair different from a traditional career/internship fair?

Zero travel is involved! Attend via your computer or laptop whenever is convenient to you. Employers won’t …

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Is My Company Ready for an Intern?

Even though it’s only January, many companies are already starting to think about summer intern recruitment. In fact, if you scroll down this page and look at our live numbers, you can see that summer internships are quickly getting posted to Feeling a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out)? Think you need an intern? You may want to pump the brakes before posting.

I’m all about increasing the number of available internships for students. With the addition of interns, employers can accomplish additional tasks, introduce fresh perspectives and help train/mentor the future workforce. At the same time, students can increase their skills outside of the classroom, network and explore career interests. It’s a win-win!

There’s a danger, however, in poorly-executed internships: Already understaffed employers hire interns and can’t provide them with training or feedback. They don’t put much thought into tasks and projects their intern will be accomplishing. Or …

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The Transition from College to Career

As a recent college graduate from a Big 10 university, I know how stressful and exciting those last few months of campus life can be. It’s a whirlwind of emotions.

In the middle of trying to take in all the sights and scenes before I left a place I called home for the last four years, I had to stop and consider what the next step was. Once I received my diploma, I was faced with the decision of whether to immediately start my career, attend grad school or take time to travel the world. But transitioning from a free-spirited undergrad to a professional with a bachelor’s degree was tougher than I thought!

My senior semester was dedicated to a lot of job applications and cover letters, but I didn’t have a full-time job waiting for me once I left Bloomington. I learned quickly that I didn’t have enough …

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Employer Feature: Dunes Learning Center


Northwest Indiana is brimming with opportunity for young professionals. One organization that truly exhibits internship excellence is Dunes Learning Center. Located in Chesterton, the organization offers internships as camp counselor and interpretive naturalist. We spoke with the Education Director, Erin Crofton, about their program.


Indiana INTERNnet: What exactly is the Dunes Learning Center and what role do you play in the organization?

Erin Crofton: Dunes Learning Center is a national model for place-based residential environmental education. Operating in partnership with the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Dunes Learning Center educators provide year-round curriculum and standards-based learning experiences in nature. Our trained education staff and 63-acre campus located inside Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore are truly unique and valuable resources.

As the Education Director, I lead education staff and programs. This includes program development, implementation, education staff recruitment, training, supervision and evaluation.

IIN: Why is the Dunes Learning Center …

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Make the Most of Spring Break

Spring breaks are this month for many high schools, colleges and universities. You may be planning to kick back and relax for a week, but here’s a list of productive activities you could do instead.

1 . Catch up on homework

This may sound boring, but the end of the semester brings deadlines for projects you’ve been putting off. You don’t have to spend every day at the library studying for those final exams coming up in May. Use this time to catch up, so you don’t fall behind later. Dedicate a few hours throughout the week to work on assignments.

2 . Get organized

Students have busy lives, which can leave little time for organization. Use this free time to clean out your backpack and organize your notes. If you have the momentum, clean and organize your room/apartment/house. Spring is almost here, you can get a head start …

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