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Survey Results: The Impact of COVID-19 on Summer 2020 Internships

With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, Indiana INTERNnet wanted to get a clear idea of Indiana employers’ initial reactions to hosting summer 2020 interns. Who received the survey? All employers registered on In addition, it was shared to employer networks by Indiana colleges/universities and economic development organizations. A total of 224 responses were received.

Of those surveyed, 93% (208 employers) indicated that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were planning on hiring interns for summer 2020.

The majority of respondents 66% (138 employers) said they were planning on hiring between one to three interns before the pandemic.

With their current knowledge of events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, 72% (161 employers) said they still plan on hiring interns. Of that 72%, 74 employers said they still plan on hiring interns with no changes to plans. Eighty-seven employers said they plan on hiring summer 2020 interns, but with changes …

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The Best Tips for Finding a Summer Internship

I know that it’s the holiday season and that the last thing on a lot of people’s minds is planning for the summer. But what a lot of students don’t know is that now is a great time to start applying and searching for summer internships. I know some are focusing on their spring internship experience and that is great, but summer is right around the corner. Use these couple of weeks off to start your summer search and use some of the tips I have complied for you!

Utilize Indiana INTERNnet and all the amazing resources on the site

Most readers know the resources that we offer, but some new users are still getting familiar with the site. Here are some new user tips:

Utilize the advanced search options. This is a perfect way to only see internships that work for you. Sort it into the industry, location, or …

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Finding Fulfillment at Your Summer Internship

Do you know how depressing it is to spend a summer at an internship that’s not right for you?

Fortunately for me, I don’t have the answer to this question because I truly enjoyed my past internship experience. I have found something that I hope every intern finds this summer – internship happiness.

Last summer I was an intern for Building Tomorrow, an Indy-based non-profit that continues to have big impact in East Africa by supporting access to quality education.

My assignment: the 2nd Annual Indy Burger Battle. This would be the epic event where nine restaurants duke it out to be crowned the best burger in Indy.

I’ll be the first to admit that sunshine, live music, drinks and juicy burgers at an exclusive venue can cloud your view of what it is to be truly happy at your internship. Still, I realize the true key to internship …

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The Hard-Hitting Truth About Internships

This is a guest blog by Samantha Morrison. She is a student at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and summer intern at USA Football.

I had the pleasure of working for a company called USA Football this past summer. USA Football is the national governing body of youth football in the United States. They strive to help make the game better and safer for those who play, coach, officiate, and organize football. This company is constantly providing new resources for the game, as well as perfecting drills to promote safer game practices such as heads up tackling. I know that more recently concussions have become a hot topic, so USA Football has put a major emphasis on concussion awareness.

I love what USA Football does and I love sports, so I was super excited when I found out I would be working as a Digital Sales Intern for them this summer. My main …

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So long, summer – Indy Interns’ final event!

We can’t believe it either—your summer internship is coming to an end! Hopefully, you’ve gained the real-world experience you sought at the beginning of the summer. Perhaps you’ve networked with local professionals and even socialized with fellow interns. But, have you truly explored Indy? If you’re looking to learn a little more about the Circle City and the Hoosier state, here is your chance!

Join Indy Interns for our final summer event. We will meet at Mo’Joe Coffeehouse, walk a portion of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick, and end with visiting the Indiana State Museum. Museum admission and lunch will be provided.

Who: Interns from Central Indiana

When: August 4, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. at Mo’Joe Coffeehouse (If you can’t make the trail, join us at the Museum at 10:30 a.m.) After touring the exhibitions interns will be asked a series of brief questions …

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