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Interns Kicking off Summer in Style

What did you do last Saturday? Maybe you caught up on How I Met Your Mother or just slept the day away. Maybe you thought about doing something productive, but it just seemed too tiring after a full week of work. On the other hand, maybe you were one of the interns who explored downtown Indianapolis—discovering the nooks and crannies of our hometown.

Indy Interns kicked off the summer with a downtown scavenger hunt—searching the city and meeting fellow interns from across the area. Interns represented various organizations including Aprimo, ExactTarget, Interactive Intelligence, Mayor Ballard’s Internship Program, the Mental Health Association, Roche Diagnostics, Rook Consulting, and The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Interns trekked all over downtown; they stopped by The Slippery Noodle Inn and the City Market, to the NCAA Hall of Champions and back to Scotty’s Brewhouse for a well-deserved recovery. Interns were challenged with tasks ranging from “take …

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