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Employers: Is Your Organization Ready for an Intern?

Entry by Pat Patterson; from the November INTERNnetwork

Before you decide to host an intern, you should consider the benefits and whether it’s practical for your organization.

Interns can:

complete project work that may be on the backburner; increase productivity; reduce recruiting costs; and bring fresh, innovative perspectives to your organization.

Hosting an intern can allow you to:

provide a student with a rich learning experience; offer management experience to employees working as intern supervisors; market your company via word of mouth; and begin training potential full-time employees.

Is it practical?

Do you have the appropriate staff to support an intern? Do you have meaningful project work to assign? What will be the duration of the internship? What is the best time of year to host an intern? Do you plan on potentially hiring an intern full-time? Do you have difficulty finding qualified …

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