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Career Advice From The Program Coordinator For Indiana Healthy Communities

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to interview a current employee of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Madie Newman is the Indiana Healthy Communities Program Coordinator for the Wellness Council of Indiana. We asked her about her college experience and how it helped her prepare for her professional career.



Indiana INTERNnet: What is your current position and what does it entail?

Madie Newman: I’m the Indiana Healthy Communities Program Coordinator for the Wellness Council of Indiana, which is a subsidiary of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. I work with communities across the state to help them assess programs, services, and infrastructure, and create goals to improve community health and quality of life.


IIN: When did you decide to start searching for an internship?

MN: It was a requirement for my undergraduate degree at Indiana University (IU). I was public health major and I knew I …

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Intern-to-Hire: Christina Heberer

Christina Heberer recently earned her master’s degree in Wellness Management from Ball State University. After a semester-long internship with the Wellness Council of Indiana, Christina was hired as the full-time program coordinator. The Wellness Council is an affiliated program of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

Indiana INTERNnet: How did you become interested in wellness management?

Christina Heberer: I get asked this question a lot since many people have not heard of this field! I was attracted to wellness management because of its blend between health and business and thought this would give me a solid foundation for impacting the health and wellbeing of employees. I was also drawn to the wellness management program at Ball State because they looked beyond exercise and physical nutrition and indicators of health and considered how an individual’s community, financial situation, social support systems, and life’s purpose impact a person’s wellbeing.

IIN: Why is …

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15 Tips to Avoid the Intern 15 [Infographic]

You know how the people in the Disney-Pixar movie, Walle, look? That is how I feel after a couple of hours of sitting at my desk at work. Some days, it feels like the legend of the Freshmen 15 has come back to haunt me – not that I gained all 15 pounds in college, but you get what I mean.

As any health conscious intern, I began to collect some tips on ways to maintain wellness while at work. Then, I realized the Indiana Chamber of Commerce has among its programs a state-wide Wellness Council. Hence, I went directly to the experts to help me compile a list of time-tested tips. Within five minutes of chatting with Adrienne Luegers, the Program Coordinator, I came to realize there is more to wellness than just the physical aspect.

Not only did Adrienne shed a brighter light on wellness in the workplace, but also …

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How Interns Could Save Your Life

OK, so maybe interns can’t “save” your life, but they sure could improve it. Recently, the Wellness Council of Indiana teamed up with Indiana INTERNnet to better understand the positive affects interns can have on the workplace.

 Check out the five dimensions of wellness and how hosting student interns can boost each category.

Career well-being: how you occupy your time and liking what you do each day

Interns increase productivity: Interns bring needed resources to achieve what couldn’t otherwise be accomplished; from promoting the organization and gathering market intelligence to improving operation effectiveness and supporting client needs. Secure future employees: An internship program enables businesses to recruit, qualify, and train potential employees.

 Social well-being: having strong relationships

Interns are energetic, not only in their work, but also in their lifestyle. They can bring fresh ideas and a new perspective. Networking: Interns are engaged—they love to socialize …

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Unexpected “Internduction”

This is a guest post written by Collin LaMothe. Currently, he interns for the Wellness Council of Indiana. He recently graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Creative and Professional Writing. He hopes to find a job where he can expand creatively—traveling, meeting new people, and writing about his own experiences.

My name is Collin LaMothe, and I am a cubicle intern.

This wasn’t my first intern gig. When I was accepted at the Wellness Council of Indiana, I couldn’t help but wonder what an out-of-shape guy like me was doing in an organization promoting health. I suppose it felt a little ironic, but my background in creative writing and design qualified me to lend some help with the main website redesign. So I signed-on for the summer, with the terms laid out plainly from day one.  I was here to assist and, most importantly, renovate before August …

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