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Working and Studying from Home

With both city and state governments announcing new guidelines and restrictions to stay healthy and safe, a lot of people are expected to not just stay home, but also work or attend classes from home. There could be a silver lining. No more commuting (at least for the time being), and more opportunities to eat an actual well-balanced meal instead of whatever you can heat up in the office microwave or find in the campus cafeteria. However, in a setting where you’re completely in charge of how you manage your time, you can be your own worst enemy.  Here are some tips to maximize your productivity while working or learning from home.

Respect Your Space

It may be tempting to work from the comfort of a big comfy couch or a cozy bed. Respect your work and the space you work in. Find a designated spot to work at. If …

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Keep distractions to a minimum when working remotely

Remote internships are gaining popularity with each season. These are even more prevalent during the academic year, when remote interns can work on their own time in between classes. While there are many benefits to working from home, the temptations are obvious. With Netflix and friends beckoning, it is important to keep focused and productive when you’ve set aside time strictly for work.

Establish a routine: Just like you have a classroom and office routine, you should employ the same practices when working from home. Start your day by checking your email or another small task to set the stage for an efficient few hours of work.

Find your own “office”: If you know you won’t be able to get any productive work done lying in your bed, establish an “office” elsewhere. Whether it’s your dining room or even a coffee shop, have a set space for work that is …

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