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  • College Intern: Julie Ann Lesniak
  • Career Development Professional: Libby Davis, University of Indianapolis
  • Employer: Tucker Publishing Group, Evansville


  • College Intern: Katie Scott, Indiana University
  • Career Development Professional: Jackie Dowd, Butler University
  • Employer: ChaCha Search Engine, Indianapolis


  • High School Intern: William Saucer
  • College Intern: Albert Deng, Washington University (St. Louis)
  • Career Development Professional: Cindy Price Verduce, Indiana Tech
  • Employer: Interactive Intelligence, Indianapolis


  • High School Intern: Tiffany LeFever, Charubusco High School
  • College Intern: Katie Qualkinbush, University of Missouri
  • Career Development Professional: Cris Muir, Purdue University
  • Employer: Midwest ISO, Indianapolis


  • High School Intern: Emily Miller, Brownsburg High School
  • College Intern: Fangfang Li, University of Indianapolis
  • Career Development Professional: Jeremy Podany, Indiana University
  • Employer (For-Profit): ExactTarget, Indianapolis
  • Employer (Not-for-Profit): The International Center, Indianapolis


  • College Intern: Josh Bloxsome
  • College Intern: Ashley Herring, IUPUI
  • Non-Traditional Intern: Alex Miser, Indiana Humanities
  • Career Development Professional: Susan Gresham, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
  • Employer (For-Profit): ExactTarget, Indianapolis
  • Employer (Not-for-Profit): The International Center, Indianapolis


  • High School Intern: Alison Mansfield, Homestead High School
  • College Intern: Cody Adams
  • Non-Traditional Intern: Casey Spivey, State Personnel Dept.
  • Career Development Professional: Sara Pennington-Busick, Indiana University
  • Employer (For-Profit): Slingshot SEO, Indianapolis
  • Employer (Not-for-Profit): The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis


  • College Intern: Pam Plain, IU Kokomo
  • College Intern: Sarah Mihich, Indiana State University
  • Non-Traditional Intern: Hannah Cole, IU Health
  • Career Development Professional: Claudine Meilink, Purdue University
  • Employer (For-Profit): Group Dekko, Garrett
  • Employer (Not-for-Profit): Indiana Senate, Indianapolis


  • College Intern: Charisa Scott, Indiana State University
  • High School Intern: Juan Armendariz, Noblesville High School
  • Non-Traditional Intern: Andrew Kimmel, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
  • Career Development Professional: Sheryl Swingley, Ball State University
  • Employer (For-Profit): Baldwin & Lyons, Inc., Indianapolis
  • Employer (Not-for-Profit): DeKalb Chamber Partnership, Auburn


  • College Intern: Paige Carroll, Ball State University
  • High School Intern: Salvador Espinoza, East Noble High School
  • Non-Traditional Intern: Scott Bachman, Baldwin & Lyons, Inc.
  • Career Development Professional: Brandi Gilbert, IUPUI Life-Health Sciences Internship Program
  • Employer (For-Profit): netlogx, LLC, Indianapolis
  • Employer (Not-for-Profit): St. Vincent (Carmel and Fishers hospitals) and IU Health (North and Saxony hospitals)


  • College Intern: Hannah Dodd, Indiana Institute of Technology
  • College Intern: KayLeigh Duerksen, Indiana University
  • High School Intern: Britney Arenas, South Bend Riley
  • Non-Traditional Intern: Katherine Larrabee, DirectEmployers Institute
  • Career Development Professional: Darshini Render, Purdue University College of Engineering
  • Employer (For-Profit): Ambassador Enterprises, LLC
  • Employer (Not-for-Profit): DirectEmployers Institute


  • College Intern: Jerica Mitchell, Indiana State University
  • High School Intern: Camisa Vines, John Adams High School
  • Non-Traditional Intern: Miranda Goodwin, Wabash Valley Community Foundation
  • Career Development Professional: Nathan Milner, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Employer (For-Profit): Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
  • Employer (Not-for-Profit): Bowman Creek Educational Ecosystem


  • College Intern: Gabriella Moline, Butler University
  • High School Intern: Omar Matthews, Blue River Career Programs
  • Non-Traditional Intern: Jacob Bryant, Distance Learning Systems
  • Career Development Professional: Pat Rhodes, Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI
  • Intern Supervisor of the Year: Diane Walton, netlogx
  • Employer (For-Profit): Ontario Systems
  • Employer (Not-for-Profit): Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division


  • College Intern: Olatundun Awosanya, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
  • High School Intern: Zavion Herron, Riley High School
  • High School Intern: Shelby Waligora, DeKalb High School
  • High School Intern: Taylor Wylie, Woodlan Jr./Sr. High School
  • Non-Traditional Intern: Harini Kamalakkannan, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
  • College Career Development Professional: Abiodun Durojaye, Ivy Tech Community College Valparaiso
  • High School Career Development Professional: Brienne Sprunger, Garrett High School
  • Intern Supervisor of the Year: Sonya Snellenberger-Holm, Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership
  • Employer (For-Profit): Intersection Advertising Agency
  • Employer (Not-for-Profit): Indianapolis Airport Authority
  • David R. McKinnis Community Partner Award: Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership
  • David R. McKinnis Community Partner Award: enFocus, Inc.
  • David R. McKinnis Community Partner Award: The Gregory S. Fehribach Center