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Category: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Type: Standard

Location: Newberry

Starts: Jan. 11, 2021

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The Battery Innovation Center  (BIC)  is seeking a qualified,  innovation focused,  materials engineer (MSE)  to join our team and help us in a programmatic investigation of the microstructure -  mechanical properties -  electrochemical properties relationship of our catalog of advanced lithium battery electrodes.  The ideal candidate must have the desire to work in a fast paced,  flexible work environment with the interest to apply their skills and expertise to all facets of the battery research and development process.   They will directly interface will all individuals in the organization,  and externally with our clients,  receiving broader exposure to the battery development process via a variety of on-going projects at the BIC,  in addition to having their own MSE-focused project to pursue and report on.   The candidate will receive mentorship and additional training during the internship,  including a focused 3 day class on energy storage.


  • Conduct electrode sample mounting,  polishing,  and cross-sectional analysis,  utilizing optical microscopy and/or SEM.   Classes and/or experience in microstructural analysis are preferred,  but SEM training can be provided.
  • Conduct mechanical testing on electrodes,  such as tensile testing and tape pull,  and analyze stress-strain relationships.
  • Assembly and electrochemical testing of prototype cells,  from CR2032 coin cells,  to pouch and 18650 cells.
  • Generate a report,  under guidance of BIC technical leads,  relating the collective test results of the program.
  • Working with advanced materials (ex.  carbons,  polymers,  metal oxides,  electrolytes,  and additives).
  • Fabrication of advanced composite electrodes from raw materials (powder processing,  mixing,  and coating).
  • Working regularly in a <1%  humidity dry lab.
  • Interact directly with our customers in other on-going cell development projects as part of the cell fabrication team of the BIC.


  • Pursuing a BS degree in Material Science is preferred,  but Chemistry or related Engineering disciplines would be considered with relavant supporting coursework
  • Classes or experience in microstructural analysis and fundamentals of microstructure-mechanical property relationships
  • Familiarity with basics of electrochemistry and lithium ion battery technology.
  • Lab experience
  • Ability to prioritize,  manage,  and understand research and analysis techniques,  able to apply statistical analysis to make sound conclusions.
  • Technical report writing and presentation skills.
  • Strong Microsoft Office (Excel,  Word,  PowerPoint)  experience required.
  • Must possess excellent communication,  prioritization,  attention to detail,  and organizational skillsets.

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